Age of Magic MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download 2022

Age of Magic MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download Latest 2022


Age of Magic is an epic fighting RPG. Enjoy fighting in the magical ancient world. Explore magic and sorcery. Become the ultimate legend in the fantasy world. Choose from dozens of awesome characters and have a great time.
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30 April 2022
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Age of Magic is an epic fantasy RPG developed by Playkot LTD and released in 2018. Become the ultimate fighting legend in the magical ancient world. Fight the legendary dragons and knights.

Choose from tons of awesome heroes and select the ones you like. The world is floating in the void, and there is darkness everywhere. Demons are invincible, and you must fight them and defeat them.

Enjoy the fast-paced combat and have fun. Play multiplayer modes and defeat other players. Traverse the broad world. Download Age of Magic MOD APK Latest Version 2021 to enjoy unlimited features.



  • Select from dozens of fantastic characters.
  • Immerse yourself in the fantasy world.
  • Make your squad of five heroes.
  • Enjoy the campaign mode.
  • Upgrade and level up your heroes.
  • Equip powerful weapons.
  • Explore the interesting Age of Magic lore.
  • Play tournaments and make your way to the top.
  • Defeat gigantic dragons and strong knights.
  • Beat the demons and become the chosen one.


Age of Magic
Age of Magic

This game has countless epic features which will never bore the player. You can choose from so many different characters and play with the character of your choice. Elves, Kobolds, Druids, Dragonkin, Ra’Archnes, and much more characters are available to play with.

Enjoy the interesting, fascinating story by playing the campaign mode. Be amused by the story of Roland the True Mage. Team up with a changeling named Sharazar, who is a legendary assassin, and defeat the demons.

Play the tournament and arena modes and defeat other online players. Become the best, defeat everyone and make your way to the top of the tournament or arena. Every week, there is a 24 hours tournament.

Win the tournaments, complete the challenges and earn huge rewards. Characters will become even more powerful if you level them up and upgrade them. Upgrade their abilities, armor, and weapons.

The combat is so much fun in this game. Tap on the icons on the right side to attack the enemies. Use special abilities to deal more damage than normal attacks. Tap and hold the hero to get more details about effects cast on them.

Sometimes after beating a hero, you will be able to play with him. For example, Rogar, who is a Dragonkin and a mighty warrior from the Order of Dragon Paladins, will be a playable hero after you beat him.

If you win the fight without losing any heroes, you will get 3 stars. You will get 2 stars if you lose one of your heroes. And if you lost two or more, 1 star will be given to you. As it is a turn-based game, the combat is slow but fun.

After you win the match, you will get coins and XPS. The best character in this game is Abbadon. Abbadon was the protector of Heavens millenniums ago. He is thousands of years old, and he knows the magic of darkness and fire.

He wields a very powerful blade of the Abyss, “Soul Burner”. This weapon can easily crush enemies and defeat whole armies without any problem. No one can win against Abbadon and his legendary blade.


The environments and places of this game are beautiful. Fight in lush sceneries or in hell and keep defeating monsters and beasts. The visuals and graphics are stunning, and the details of the characters are very accurate.

Just like Grim Soul, this game is one of a kind.

Age of Magic MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gold, One Hit Kill, God Mode, Easy Win)

Age of Magic MOD APK will give you unlimited money and unlimited gold, and you will be able to buy anything in this game. This will save you a lot of gameplay hours, and you won’t have to work hard.

Age of Magic MOD APK will give you One Hit Kill will allow you to kill enemies in one hit. If you turn on the options God Mode, you won’t get any damage from the opponents. You will easily overthrow the enemies with this and feel like a champion.

Age of Magic MOD APK is completely safe to download, and you won’t have to spend even a single penny to download it.


How do you progress in Age of Magic?

Use your skills wisely, kill one enemy at one time, and keep practicing.

What is the fastest way to level up in Age of Magic?

Complete quests as soon as you can.

How do you get gold in Age of Magic?

Get gold from daily rewards, arenas and tournaments.

How many heroes are in Age of Magic?

Up to 50 heroes.

Is swamp killer good in Age of Magic?

Yes, swamp killer is an amazing character.

How do you get silver in Age of Magic?

Purchase it in the shop, get it by completing certain missions in campaign and in Tomb of Horrors.

Does Age of Magic MOD APK contain any virus?

No, Age of Magic MOD APK does not contain any virus.



Do you like playing turn-based fantasy RPGs, then this game should definitely be on your list. You will really like this game, and you will become completely addicted to it. Age of Magic MOD APK is even more fun than the original version.

Traverse through beautiful places and defeat the enemies. Darkness is everywhere, and you will have to become a beacon of light in this world. So, without further ado, begin your adventure as a true mage.

Do you wanna enjoy this game to the full extent, the Age of Magic MOD APK is for you. Enjoy our more role-playing games such as Shelter War and Dragon Raja, etc.

What's new

Changes in the new version legendary Mode and new level gear Items!
New Season of Magic Pass and Melee Damager from the Dragonkin Faction!
As well as other changes and improvements.
You can read the full list of changes on the game’s newsgroups on Facebook and Discord.

Updated to the 1.41.1

New Heroes

New Events

Much more



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