Download Annelids Mod Apk (100% Working Hack Apk) 2022

Download Annelids Mod Apk (100% Working Hack Apk) 2022


Annelids is an action fighting game where you can take part online with your friends as well as offline with the help of intelligence.
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24 June 2022
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The Annelids Mod Apk is a fighting game with a lot of action going around. It is a fighting game of its unique style. Here you will not fight with any human characters, but there are different kinds of worms available, with whom you will fight and play the game.

The gaming industry has evolved too much. And due to the imaginative powers of the game developers, there are lots and lots of games being developed every day. All of these games are fun to play.

The Annelids is a game where too many multiplayer game modes are available like Stickman Warriors. You have to play with worms and dig holes in different locations and while you do this, you have to eliminate any worm that comes in your way.

There are a lot of different weapons which you can use in the game. These weapons are very powerful and each one has its specific function. Talking about the game modes then this game offers you that thing that many games won’t.

Unlike other games, this game offers you multiple multiplayer game modes. In the Annelids Mod Apk, you can also upgrade or create your worm according to what you like. All of these things will cost money which you earn in the game.


Annelids Mod Apk
Annelids Mod Apk

The Annelids Mod Apk is all about fighting with your worms. The extreme gunfights with over 17 different maps are waiting for you to play on. The best part about this game is that you can attach your game controller via Bluetooth with this game.

Talking about the offline game mode of the game, then there you have the option to play the 60 plus different levels. The AI of the game is also very intelligent. Apart from that, there are different sorts of challenges regularly that you have to complete and earn money through them.



The features of the Annelids Mod Apk are given below. Have a look at them before downloading the game to your phones.


From all the other cool and exciting game modes, this is the mode where you have to play solo, or online with other players. Here you have to kill your opponents with your weapons and advance by digging in the ground.

Conquest Mode

The conquest mode is where you will be presented with different tasks and challenges of extreme difficulty along with many other real players. All you need to do is to complete those tasks and eliminate your opponents by killing them and becoming the first one to climb the ladder to be the winner of the game.

Deathmatch In Teams

This game mode is the same as the deathmatch mode but here you have to play with your friends. Teams are consisting of different players in the arena and you have to team up with your friends to defeat other teams taking part in the game.

Flag Capture

This mode requires extreme skill level and the best coordination level. Here you can team up with your mates and try to capture the flags of the other teams. While doing this you need to defend your flag so that no other team can capture it, otherwise, you will lose.

Create Your Worm

You can also create your customized worms in this game mode. You can give a unique name to it and also you can apply different skins to that worm. A lot of their options are also there for you to choose from. However, this requires you to have money, which you can earn by playing the game more often.


The game is for those people who like thrill and action. A bit of strategy and teamwork is also required to play this game. So if you think you have all the skills, then download this Annelids Mod Apk now and enjoy playing it with your friends.

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