Download Art Of Conquest Mod Apk (Unlimited Linari) 2022

Download Art Of Conquest Mod Apk (Unlimited Linari) 2022


Art of Conquest is a role-playing game where you can explore the new things. More importantly, you can play the game with your friends online.
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1 May 2022
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Role-playing games are the favorite of many people who are engaged in mobile games. These games have a variety of playing modes and tons of cool features. They let you think creatively and allow you to make the best strategy out of your mind. From all of the other RPG strategy games, today the one that I have brought for you is the Art Of Conquest MOD APK.

Art of Conquest Mod APK
Art of Conquest Mod APK

Now the Art Of Conquest is a role-playing action strategy game that allows you to go on a journey of different realms. Different sorts of races are available for you to control and rule over in the game. Apart from that, you need to have a very strong army in this majestic game of warriors and monsters.

And by monsters, I mean that you can summon different sorts of monsters and dragons and make them a vital part of your army. Train them and lead them into the battlefield and make the best strategy out of them using their powers.

The Art Of Conquest MOD APK has both offline story play mode and a real-time PVP battle mode, in which either you can challenge your friends or ally with them and fight together in the battle of mystical creatures and the gigantic heroes.


Art Of Conquest
Art Of Conquest

The Art Of Conquest MOD APK is a real action strategy war game that has awesome magical creatures and battling styles. As like every other game of this genre, this game also has 2 main playing modes. The offline mode allows you to play along with the storyline and do different tasks. The online mode is the PVP playing mode where you can challenge your friends.

You are playing as a saint who has some powers. Now you must protect your land from the darkness. Now you have 5 different sorts of races that you can rule over. You can choose which one you would like to rule and play as the leader of that race.

There are different challenges for you hidden in the different realms of the game. You can travel through these realms and start a journey of a lifetime. Along your journey, you have dozens of magical creatures that you can summon with your powers and add them to your arsenal. These creatures have different powers which will give you an added advantage on the battlefield.

Raiding the dragon lairs is another interesting thing that you can look forward to in this game. In this raiding, you can raid different dragon lairs and collect different dragon eggs from them. These eggs would give some powerful dragons, whom you can train in your kingdom and use their powers in the fight arena.

You can also challenge your friends and test their skills. You can also team up with them and fight against the same and common enemies.


Art of Conquest Mod APK
Art of Conquest Mod APK

All of the interesting features of the Art Of Conquest MOD APK are listed below.

Discover new lands

The game has the option to go on the journey of several different realms and discover different sorts of interesting and new lands just like Fort Conquer. After discovering them, you can make them a part of your territories.

Rule over 6 kingdoms

You have the option to conquer 6 different kingdoms and become the alone strong emperor. For that, you have to build a very strong army and apply different sorts of tactics so that you can raid on other kingdoms and capture their lands and resources.

Summon Different creatures

When you will travel between the realms, you will come across some exciting creatures that have different types of powers. You can summon them with your skills and powers and make them part of your army. You can use them in the battles and train them in the best way possible.

Play with friends

The game has a multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends for an exciting face-off. You can challenge them to fight with your army and show off all the summoned creatures that you had captured.


My Ending thoughts on this Art Of Conquest MOD APK are that this game has the best creatures and heroes with un-matched powers that you would not find in any other game. The fantasy world of this game is also very vast and all the things have been unlocked in this modded game for you. So download now and jump into the magical world of the Art Of Conquest.

What's new

Here are some updates in the latest version

  •  Armory
  • Island Rumble
  • New event sets
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

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