Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money)

Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money)


Awaken Chaos Era is a role-playing game for android where you have to fight for your glory and have to win. You will be given different guns and swords.
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11 June 2022
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The Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk is a turn-based real-time strategy fighting game that will take you to a destroyed land full of monsters and stuff like that where you have to fight with them and uncover the whole story.

The Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk is based on a story of destruction. Your world’s peace has been destroyed and now you as the protagonist of the game have to restore it by fighting with the ones who did this.

In this regard, you have to go on an adventure and summon different monsters with different strengths and fight alongside them in an epic turn-based fighting.

The game has a very strong skill system and a character system. Each character in the game is divided into levels and skills. With time the level of the fighter increases as you upgrade its skill set.

After finishing the tutorial and quick guide, the game takes you to the real action where you with your initial starter hero start your journey in the  PVE mode. Here you fight with the monsters and move above the levels and uncover the storyline.

Keep in mind that the game requires you have 4 monsters whom you will control in the game. So this thing makes the Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk a tactical strategy game as there aren’t any similarities between any 2 characters that you will have. All your fighters will have a separate skill set and power moves.


Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk
Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk

The Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk is present in two game modes. Either you prefer the offline story PVE game mode, or you like to take on the real opponents in the PVP game mode, the choice is yours. Just like Rise of Empires.

No matter which game mode you select, the basic element of fighting are the same. A 4v4 fight where the turn system has been implemented.

The fighters will fight in their turn. The fighter icons are present on the screen and they move in their direction continuously. Meaning the right one is the fighters whose turn is now.


Awaken Chaos Era
Awaken Chaos Era

The features of the Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk are given in the below text.

PVE Story Game Mode

This is the first game mode that most of the players prefer to play. Here in this mode, you will go on an adventure of uncovering the story of the game. The mode is divided into plenty of levels and each level has a separate fight and battles awaiting you. So a whole lot of new world is there for you to explore.

Online PVP Fights

If you wish to fight against the real player and test your abilities in a new way, then the best part of doing is to log in to the game and fight against the random players from the internet. Here you have to take your most advanced heroes as winning here is not an easy task.

Turn Bases Fights

The fighting style of the game is turn-based. So you have to strategize turn by turn. On your turn, you can use the fighter whose turn is showing on the right side of the screen. You can’t just randomly select the fighters to fight. They have a fighting order according to which you have to set your tactics.

Skill System Of The Game

The game has a very well-designed skill system. Each character in the game possesses some serious type of skill. During the fights, all of your 4 heroes will have different skills. Some will have a long-distance attack and some will have an instant damage attack. So keep an eye on that also.

Summon And Acquire Different Fighters

When you are on an adventure, you will face many fighting monsters each of them having the power that you can’t imagine. To make your team strong you can summon different fighting monsters as per your liking to give strength to your group.


Awaken Chaos Era
Awaken Chaos Era

With each fight, you win you will get some benefits in terms of rewards and skills. So don’t leave the page without downloading the Awaken Chaos Era Mod Apk. It is one of the best turn-based fighting games available on the market.

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