Be The King Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gold) 2022

Be The King Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gold)


Be The King is a role-playing game and it's like empire building game where you have to build your army and empire in order to fight with enemies.
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12 August 2022
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If you like to take on the challenge of ruling over a kingdom and managing all the daily affairs from building to taking care of the defenses then this puzzle-based kingdom simulation game, the Be The King Mod Apk is just made for you.

Ever wondered what it is like to be the king of a mighty kingdom? How a king works for his kingdom and takes care of all the possible matters and problems that arise. Being a king is not easy and so is playing this Be The King Mod Apk game.

This puzzle-based game where you will get the complete chance of rebuilding your kingdom from the destruction that it has been through. You will recruit different generals, advisors, skilled people, and all the workers required to take care of the different jobs for you.

Meanwhile, you will find yourself stuck in different puzzles and riddles. To unlock the mysteries of your kingdom and reveal the distant land of your kingdom and take complete control over them, you need to solve these puzzles of the Be The King Mod Apk.


Be The King Mod Apk
Be The King Mod Apk

The Be The King Mod Apk is a game of its kind. The kingdom building, construction of different items, and crafting of different weapons and resources are also a little part of this game.

You will do much more than this. Trading with the ancient kingdoms and sailing over the deadly seas for trade purposes are your goals and tasks in the game. Along with that fighting with the evil enemies in the dark jungles and killing them to raise your bars is also your job to do in this game.


Be The King
Be The King

All the features of the Be The King Mod Apk are given below.

Recruiting Different Entities

A king is not alone while handling the kingdom. He has advisors, generals, trade members, and different skilled people from different departments helping him serve the people. So you will be the one who will recruit all of these people for their jobs. So look for the best talent in your kingdom.

Build An Army To Defend

Evil forces roam in the dark forests. And different kingdoms are looking to expand their kingdoms. You are at the center of these threats so to face them and tackle them, you need a strong army for the defense purpose. So try to build this army and equip them with weapons and give them full authority over the land’s defenses.

Marry Different Princesses

Different kingdoms have different princesses. Your kingdom has different types of beautiful ladies. You can marry them and experience a martial life working as a king in this game.

Solve Riddles And Puzzles

Above mentioned things are found in every kingdom-building game. What is interesting about this game is its riddles and puzzles that you need to solve to move forward. So do you have the brains to solve them or are you a brainless king, find out by playing the game.

Study As A King

Most of the time kings are too busy in the matters of the kingdom that they don’t find time for their own selves. In this game, you can study and read books and learn the arts and work of your poetry also. So don’t miss this chance as a king.


Anyone who wants to experience the whole life being a king and working for the kingdom should download the Be The King Mod Apk. You don’t want to miss out on this chance where you are getting an unlimited amount of gems, diamonds, and gold to carry out different activities in this modified version of the game. So download it now.

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