Big City Life Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2021

Big City Life Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2021


Do you want to live an alternate life? Then play Big City Life Simulator. You can do anything in this game. Do various jobs, eat, go to the gym, buy cars, and learn to survive. Become a hero from zero. Earn money and become a rich person.
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Are you looking for an absolutely amazing real life simulator? Play this epic game Big City Life Simulator developed by CactusGamesCompany and released in 2017. This game will make you feel like you are living a second life, an alternate life.

You into this big city and you have no job and you are struggling to earn money. Do various jobs, eat, take care of your energy and health. There are so many jobs you can do. Become a pizza delivery boy, construction worker or even a policeman.

Get different job experiences, buy things you want. Earn money and become a rich man. Become a hero from zero. If you want to enjoy unlimited money in this game, then download Big City Life Simulator MOD APK Latest Version 2021.



  • Live an alternate life by playing this game.
  • Do so many jobs and get experience.
  • Buy cars and things you want.
  • Customize your character however you want.
  • Buy clothes for your character.
  • Take care of your health and do exercise.
  • Do anything you want in this game.
  • Become a thief if you want.
  • Easy and simple controls to learn.
  • Be entertained by the flawless graphics.


When you first play this game, you will have to get your driving license. It is part 1 of the game. There are different licenses in this game like A license, B license and C license. A license is for bikes, B is for cars and C is for trucks.

But you will choose A license because you have just started playing this game. Drive the scooter on the path between the cones and get your driving license. After getting the driving license, you will be able to get a pizza delivery job.

You are jobless and it will be your first job in the game. Your job is to deliver pizza to the client and you will earn money. You can also eat pizza and feed your hunger. You have three stats in this game and you need to keep an eye on them.

They are hunger, energy and mood. Your character has desires and by doing things your character loves will increase his mood. If your character is in a good mood, he won’t be tired easily, and will have a high energy all day.

If your character is feeling low energy, you can also feed him and reduce his hunger. Eat foods to reduce your hunger and sleep to replenish your energy. Pause the game and read the description to see what are the desires of your character.

There are a lot of useful information in the pause menu. Tap on works to see available jobs, tap on licenses to see which licenses you have, click stats and know the stats of your character. Also, check your messages.

Do different jobs, get promotions, earn money and become a rich man. Jobs have requirements, and if you fulfil those requirements, you can do those jobs. Get experience by doing various jobs. You can do job as a scavenger, construction worker, policeman or even become a thief.

You can become a good guy or a bad guy in this game. It depends on you. Choose your playstyle. Do jobs and earn money as a decent man or become a thief, loot banks and people’s money and become a bad guy.


Working as a scavenger requires C license which is for trucks. Drive trucks on the path between cones before the time runs out and get your C license. And also buy work clothes. Do all jobs in this game to progress through the game.

Earn as much money as you can and buy the things you desire. Buy cars, houses, furniture, anything you want but first, you will have to struggle. Just like in real life you earn money by doing jobs. This game is exactly the same.

That is why it is a real-life simulator. Train in the gym and build your muscles. Training will increase your strength and your body will change, you will look better. Buy clothes and change your appearance. Make your character completely unique.

Buy expensive properties by saving money. All these unique and fun features of this game make this game completely unique and one of a kind. You will never get bored while playing this game and you will become addicted to this game.

Big City Life Simulator MOD APK Unlimited Money:

The main thing in this game is money. If you have less money in this game, you won’t enjoy it as much as you will if you have a lot of money. Do you know there is a version of this game which gives you unlimited money?

That version is Big City Life Simulator MOD APK Latest Version. It gives you access to unlimited money and unlimited everything. You need money to buy everything in this game. Buy any car of your choice, and drive it.

Purchase expensive property and buy as many properties, cars as you want because you will be a millionaire in Big City Life Simulator MOD APK New Updated Version of this game. Buy expensive clothes and make yourself look handsome and unique.

Big City Life Simulator MOD APK New Updated Version 2021 is completely free to download and play. Enjoy and kill your time.


Is Big City Life Simulator fun to play?

Yes, this game gives you an amazing gameplay experience.

Can you do job in Big City Life Simulator?

Yes, you can do a lot of jobs in this game.

What is A license for in Big City Life Simulator?

A license is to drive bikes.

Can you become a pizza delivery boy in Big City Life Simulator?

Yes, you can become a pizza delivery boy in this game.

Is Big City Life Simulator like real-life?

Yes, this game is just like real-life.

Is Big City Life Simulator MOD APK safe to download for android device?

Yes, Big City Life Simulator MOD APK Latest Version is safe to download for android device. It does not contain any virus.

How to get unlimited money in Big City Life Simulator?

Download Big City Life Simulator MOD APK to enjoy unlimited money.



So, if you are looking for a game in which you can do anything, this game should be your go-to. Everyone wants to experience how it would be to live an alternate life, a second life. You can feel that in this game.

That is why this game is so unique. In the beginning, you are a poor man who came into a big city. You don’t have a job or a source of income. Then you keep earning money by jobs and make your way to the top.

You become a rich man by saving up money. There are hardly a few games like this game. It is one of the best simulator games. So, what are you waiting for, download Big City Life Simulator MOD APK Latest Version 2021 and enjoy.

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What's new

Fixed a bug with the inability to play the thief mission.
Fixed bugs that caused crashes.



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