Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Dna)

Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Dna)


Bio Inc Redemption is a simulation game for android where you can do experiments on the human body and can learn different things for free.
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5 October 2022
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If you ever wondered how diseases are cured and how doctors work for the betterment of a patient or how the medical conditions of a person are made worse by bad treatments, you seriously need to think about this amazing game, the Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk. Here you will get unlimited money and DNA for free.

The Bio Inc Redemption is a simulation game like Happy Clinic that comes with realistic models of the human body. You will see every part, every organ, and the entire internal structure of the human body.

So you see the internal structure, and body parts what’s next? The next thing to do here is to engage in the game activity and the game activity is divided into 2 factions. The first one is the good side and related to life and the other faction, and the second one is death and related to the bad.

So you might be confused as to what are these factions. So here in the game, you either have to play as a good professional doctor whose goal is to save people from incurable diseases and make them healthy by diagnosing and treating them.

Or you can choose to be on the wrong side in the Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk and try to take a man’s life by making his 100 percent healthy condition even worse and planting different viruses into his body and making him mentally and physically weak to a point where he dies.


Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk
Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk

The Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk comes with a very realistic type of graphics where in the middle lies your patient and on the left side of the screen are the body parts with their health percentages or bio points.

Bio points in this game are used to complete the tasks and cure the different parts of the body. You will be playing the campaign mode here in this game where after choosing the faction you want, you will be assigned the corresponding tasks required to complete.


Bio Inc Redemption
Bio Inc Redemption

The following are the features of the Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk. So let’s have a look at them before jumping to the conclusion of today’s article.

Be A Good Doctor

This game provides you the opportunity to become a good doctor and be the one who treats the patients. You can go to many places and interact with many different types of patients. Your goal is to save everyone’s life and be the hero for life.

Chose The Side Of Death

If you don’t want to play as a good doctor here and don’t want to work for life, then you can switch your sides and work for death. While working for the death you will get healthy patients and you have to work to make their medical conditions worse, to the point where they die.

Cure Diseases

In this game, you will get diseases that are too much difficult to cure. There are over 600 different types of bacteria and viruses with which you will be interacting. If you are a medical student, this is a great learning platform for you. So don’t miss out on this amazing chance that the game provides.

Quests Around The World

Whether it’s life or death, whichever side you chose, you will be asked to take part in the quests and complete the different challenges. And these challenges are not limited to only one part of the world, rather you will be required to travel to many places and complete different challenging levels.


The Bio Inc Redemption Mod Apk is the game of extreme intellect. You have to first diagnose the disease and later you have to find the cure for it if you are playing as a good doctor. There is a bad side to the game, so chose your side wisely.

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