Bit Heroes Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Gems) 2022

Bit Heroes Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Gems) 2022


Bit Heroes is a Role Playing game and it's based on pixels. Thus you cannot expect good graphics on it. Destroy your enemies with your unique techniques.
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Can you do a little bit of compromise on graphics and want to go back into the era of retro games? If yes then read today’s post to the last as it is going to discuss the Bit Heroes Mod Apk game, a turned-based RPG game with retro-style 8-bit pixelated graphics.

Yes, the Bit Heroes Mod Apk comes in 8-bit pixelated graphics where you have to raid different randomly generated dungeons and fight alongside your friends or against them in a turned-based PVP multiplayer mode.

There are thousands of different monsters and fighters that you can capture in this game. Raiding the dark and dangerous dungeons is not a piece of cake for everyone but don’t worry as you won’t be alone in doing this. You will have different heroes and fighters by your side to fight for you. Just collect them and use their powers.

There are tons of different things that you can loot also in the battles against other players. The important aspect of this game is the guild and companionships that you can build with different players.

In this Bit Heroes Mod Apk, these can be your friends or your any players that you can invite to build a guild and then play in the guild wars to double the rewards and bonuses that you get at the end of the match.


Bit Heroes Mod Apk
Bit Heroes Mod Apk

Compromise on the graphics and you will get an amazing RPG game to play Just like Pixel Gun 3D. With tons of different fighters and monsters ready to attack your command this game is going to be the best you have played so far.

You can collect the loot from among thousand of items and then use them to craft different other things as well. The game allows you to recycle these loots into valuable items. A vast 6 zones are available to battle in with more than 70 different randomly generated levels.


Bit Heroes
Bit Heroes

Let’s now talk about the Bit Heroes Mod Apk features that it brings for the players.

Capture Thousands Of Creatures

The game has a vast library of creatures. A total of more than a thousand different creatures are there ready to be captured. Capture them and train them to fight. Collect the resources and make them evolve to their more powerful states.

Randomly Generated Levels

The game has 6 different playing zones where you can take your fighters and fight. These maps will have a total of 70 playing levels all generated randomly for you to have an extra amazing experience.

Raise Pets

Not only the fighting beasts are there to be captured and raised by you, but you will also get a chance to have pets, pets like you have never seen before such as floating pizzas, tiny unicorns, etc. You can raise them and take care of them to make them feel good when you are not in a battle.

Guild Battles

Some dungeons are easy to be raided and explored. But then certain randomly generated dungeons are very different to be raided. In these cases, you will need some help from your friends or your guild. You can have a strong alliance and take part in guild raids to earn more heavy rewards.

Guild Chat

To connect with your friends and your guild a chat option has also been added. Here you can chat with the audience of the game and share your experience and also some tips and tricks on the game. You can share stories of your wars and also exchange war strategies between them.


So a retro-styled game with 8-bit pixelated graphics is here in the form of the Bit Heroes Mod Apk. Just recommend it to your friends so that you can have a strong guild and don’t forget to download the game by yourself.

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