BitLife Boss Mode Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022


BitLife Boss Mode is a simulation game where you can simulate your whole game from living to eating to growing up. Enjoy the amazing game.
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5 August 2022
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The BitLife Boss Mode Mod Apk is a life simulation game where you will take on the lead character whose life will be lived by you from infant age to its adulthood and finally entering old age. Every aspect of life will be simulated in front of you and you can experience life from a different perspective in this virtual world.

If you are a fan of simulation games then this BitLife Boss Mode Mod Apk is the game that is going to give you a lot of fun and joy. The more you play it the more it will get interesting.

In this game, you will start as an infant who just came out of her mother’s womb. You will see how his parent raises him. You will have to make choices to know to play this game.

Your each choice matters. Any choice you make will decide how your life will go. You can go to school as a child, make friends, do as your parents say, and then grow up to be a good citizen and a good child.

Or you can also become a bad son and a bad citizen and do crimes and go to jail and make your gang. All is up to you as to how you want to live your life in the BitLife Boss Mode Mod Apk.


BitLife Boss Mode Mod Apk
BitLife Boss Mode Mod Apk

This is a choice-based life simulation game like Lifeafter. But unlike other choice games where you have to play the stories in bits and pieces, the BitLife Boss Mode Mod Apk has a whole life to cover and you decide how you want to go with it.

There are stats that you need to take care of during your whole life journey. These are the health, intelligence, looks or appearance, and your bank balance. The most important one is health as if you are low at the health bar you will not be able to do many life activities in this game.

As far as the bank balance is concerned, so you need to manage your finances and track your money. You can do different works as an adult. Go out and rob a bank and earn illegal money, or work at some place or invest in real estate or stocks to earn some good money from there based on your choices.


BitLife Boss Mode
BitLife Boss Mode

Following are some of the features of the BitLife Boss Mode Mod Apk.

Experience Different Life Events

As the game starts from your infant age and goes to your death, so during these times you will experience many events in this game. Whether it be going to the kid’s school or getting admission to the university, having a fight with the bullies, or kissing your crush, you will experience all of them here in the game.

Your Choices Decide Your Life

Any choice you make in the game will decide how you are going to pursue your life from there. If you want to end some relationship with someone in this game you can easily do that by making the choices regarding that. Or if you want someone to love you, your choices will also decide that.

Mysterious Character Appearances

During your life events, you will be introduced to many characters that you don’t know. These can be any random people, your relatives or your long-lost friends, etc. These characters depend on the choices you make. If somehow you don’t make an appropriate choice, you won’t be meeting the character destined for you in the game.

Track The Important Bars

The game has different bars related to health, looks or appearance, and knowledge or intelligence. Bank balance is also one of them. If you want to live a happy life, then you need to make these bars stay in the green region.


Let’s be honest that this game has tons of things to do in it. It all depends on the choices of yours that you will make throughout your journey here in the BitLife Boss Mode Mod Apk. So what are you waiting for, just hit the download button and experience life from a different perspective.

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