Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution is an action game where you have to control your blade and be safe from others ones. 1v1 battle is also available.
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27 July 2022
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 In the past times during our childhood, we were so obsessed with blades. We used to have different kinds of blades with us and we did blade battles with our friends. Gone are those days as now everything has been taken up by these smartphones. Today we bring you a blade-playing game, the Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution Mod Apk where you can revive your childhood moments but this time on your smartphone screens.

The Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution Mod Apk is a game where you have to fight with the evil powers just by using your blades. This evil power thing is what most games now come up with to build a story plot. So sometimes it becomes boring to play the same sort of story again and again.

But the Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution has some exciting battle scenes and game modes that will hook you to it. In this game, you will have the freedom to choose any blade you want. You can customize it and upgrade its different parts to make it unbeatable.

Both the multiplayer fighting game mode and the offline AI vs mode are available to you. Although the AI vs mode has the most advanced and competitive AI opponent, to stay away from boredom you can always go for the 1 vs 1 PVP game mode of the Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution Mod Apk.


Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution Mod Apk
Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution Mod Apk

You have to control your blade in the battle arena and fight with the other player’s blade. The blade that can accommodate maximum damage without stopping will move each step closer to victory with each spin round in the Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution Mod Apk.

You have a mascot that will represent you in the game. There are plenty of different options to make your mascot look cool. Blades can also be upgraded in terms of the sword, the speed that they spin with, the accuracy of hits, and also the damage that they can accommodate.


Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution
Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution

The features of the Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution Mod Apk are given below. Let’s check them out.

Select Your Spirit Animal

If you are fond of the blade cartoons and series then you also know that each blade has a spirit animal in it that comes at a certain moment and fires its magical powers. In this game you can select your spirit animal for your blade and fire it at the moments that you think will do the most damage.

Level Up The Spirit Animal

Picking up a spirit animal and leaving it the way you picked it up will take you nowhere in the game. If you want to win easily, the key is your spirit animal. So level your spirit animal and upgrade its powers with the resources that you have.

4 Different Game Modes

If this game came with only one or 2 playing modes, you would easily get bored due to the normal story and regular blade battles. But to make you stuck to the game for a longer period, there are 4 game modes added. The 1v1 game mode, the death matches, the tournaments, and the time battles are the game modes that you will get in this game.

1v1 Game Mode

The 1 v 1 game mode can further be divided into 2 modes. One will be the vs AI mode where you will get a competitive opponent that will observe your every move, while if you want to go for some realism then you can play the multiplayer game mode having a real opponent battling against you.


Your time to play and revive your childhood memories of the blades is here. Download this amazing Blade Bouncer 2 Revolution Mod Apk game right now and get an unlimited amount of gems and game coins with the freedom to choose any spirit animal you want. So don’t wait and hit the download button now.

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