Download Carrom King Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins And Money)

Download Carrom King Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins And Money)

Carrom King is a board game that can be played online with friends and as well as with a computer. It all depend upon the choice of the player.
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14 January 2022
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The board games are the perfect games for any age. No matter if you are a child, teenager, or an adult. You will always love playing board games. There are a lot of board games that are being played on smartphones. The Carrom King MOD APK is also a fast-growing and the most played board game available for smartphones.

The Carrom King is a board game developed by the famous developers who developed the Ludo King. After the success of the Ludo King, the developers decided to bring a game for the lovers of the carom. Carom is a fun game to play and has a variety of engaging rules.

This game has the same set of rules as any other carom game would have. You can play like it is played traditionally, by potting the coins to the packets and receiving points. There are the same black and white coins having special points associated with each one of them.

There is also a queen as you would expect one in a carom game. Apart from these, you can earn bonus points when you pot a coin with a trick shot.

The Carrom King MOD APK can be played offline and online. In both playing modes, you will enjoy the experience that this game provides. Moreover, the chat option is also present in multiplayer mode. And the offline mode is also very competitive.


If you are a carom lover, then you don’t want to miss this Carrom King MOD APK. The game is the best mobile version of the carom. You can play with the computer opponent in offline mode. This AI opponent is very well trained and beating it won’t be easy.

You can also play this game with your friends and family and spend quality time. To keep you engaged, the multiplayer mode also features the chat option where you can send different pre-defined messages and emojis and can also type your message in the chatbox.

The multiplayer mode has the option to accommodate 4 players at a time in a single game. You can also play a private match in 2 vs 2 games. If you chose to play the offline game, then you also have 2 playing options in this mode.

The offline mode features playing with a friend or the AI bot. The game graphics and the mechanics are very well designed and are close to reality, giving you a feel as if you are playing the real carom in your home.


carrom king mod apk
carrom king mod apk

There are a lot of features of the Carrom King MOD APK to talk about. A few are mentioned below for your assistance.

3d graphics with real mechanics

You will experience the real gameplay of the carom with realistic 3d graphics. Apart from that, the game has focused on physics and mechanics more. This makes the game even more interesting. For example, if you hit the coins more hard the impact will be stronger and the impact will be slow if you hit them at a slow pace.

Play Globally

You can play with different people around the world in multiplayer mode. All of the people in the global playing mode are well trained and masters of their skills in carom. So practice hard before jumping into any game.

Play with friends online

If your friends are far away from you, you can still play this game with them using the same multiplayer mode. You can make and ask them to join your private room. This room may be a 2 player room or a 4 player room. The choice is yours which one you select.

Play with the AI

If you want to play offline, then you have the option to play with the computer opponent in offline mode. This AI opponent is highly competitive and will make you sweat. Beating him is not a piece of cake.

Play with friends offline

If you and your friend are sitting at the same place and you don’t have carom to play with, then don’t worry. You both can play the carom with this application’s offline mode. Where you can pass the device to your friend on his turn and he will do the same.


If you want to have quality time and want to enjoy yourself with your friends at the same time, then download the Carrom King MOD APK and start playing the carom on your mobile devices.

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