Color Switch Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Stars)

Color Switch Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Stars)


Color Switch is an arcade where you have to take the ball to the top but this seems easy but not at all. This game has totally new ideas and gameplay for gamers.
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24 September 2022
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If you are fed up with playing the same old-fashioned games in the regular style then don’t worry we have something in-house for you. Those of you who don’t have the time to play the mission bases games, can download and play this casual puzzle game, the Color Switch Mod Apk. Here in this hack, you will get unlimited stars for free.

The Color Switch Mod Apk is a casual puzzle game. Here the player will be engaged in addictive gameplay but this time the feeling of calmness and patience will prevail in the player. If you are not calm and patient enough and your reflexes are not that strong then you will be having a tough time inside this game.

At first glance, the game seems very easy. There is just one ball that you have to guide through obstacles and you just have to tap to move it upwards. But this is where the fun begins. All of these obstacles are very hard and you will sweat while passing through them.

The case of the Color Switch Mod Apk is simple, control the ball and guide it. You will fall and fail in this journey but you have to beat your high scores here in the game. There is no complexity of gameplay here, but the game challenges are very tough, and you might not have imagined them before.


Color Switch Mod Apk
Color Switch Mod Apk

The Color Switch Mod Apk has minimalist graphics with different vivid colored balls and obstacles and surrounding environments everywhere. You have a ball and you will tap on the screen. For one tap the ball moves upwards but if you don’t tap again it will come down if there is no platform for the ball to stand on.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always keep your calm as to pass through a moving obstacle, you need to match the timing and pass the ball through the same color obstacle and wait for the different colors to pass away.


Color Switch
Color Switch

There are a lot of different features of the Color Switch Mod Apk to talk about, let’s have a look at the major ones that I am going to discuss below.

Unlock Different Balls

Once you start playing the game and earn stars by completing the different missions and levels, you can go to the game shop and from there you can unlock different types of balls. Each ball has a different special ability that you can make the most use of.

Endless Hours Of Fun

This game brings you endless hours of fun. The game is not limited to a hundred levels but the gameplay goes beyond these. You will find yourself in an infinite loop of games inside this single game that will make you stick to it for hours.

A Peaceful Game

The game is not only a source of joy for many but it is also a source of peace and calm to the mind. You are not fighting nor using guns here, and you also don’t have to run your mind to in solving complex puzzles and make difficult strategies. What you need to do is pass through the obstacles.

Different Game Modes

This single game has tons of mini-games inside it. Each game mode is a different type of game for you. But all of them have the same concept of a ball and different colored obstacles. You only need to pass through the same color obstacles in every game mode. This is the only thing to keep in mind here.


If you are someone who wants to rest and wants to play a peaceful game that can be a source of relaxation to the mind and you are a person who can keep their calm in the most difficult situations, then this Color Switch Mod Apk is the game you need to download and play. Try more similar games like Merge Master and Match Master, etc.

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