Cybersphere Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Diamond) 2022

Cybersphere Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Diamond) 2022


Combat of Cybersphere is an online game that lies in the category of action where you can get different characters and train them to fight with enemies.
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18 June 2022
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If you are a fan of Star Wars, then you are going to like today’s game. Cybersphere Mod Apk is a Sci-fi game based on the invasion of aliens and cyborgs and robots on the planet and you are a soldier who has the duty of eliminating these forces and fighting with these aliens.

The game revolves around an invasion done by the aliens along with some cyborgs and robots on the planet. Now mankind is under attack and their lives are at risk. You are given the task of fighting against these enemies and saving humankind from mass destruction.

So how you will do the above things? The answer is simple. By using the advanced armory and weapons available in the game. You can form an army of your own comprising of some soldiers, cyborgs, robots, etc that will be smartly handled by the AI of the game which will ultimately fight alongside you.

What’s even more interesting here is that you can actually play with your friends online apart from just playing in the offline missions. Here you will get to play in 2 different modes. A PVP game mode and PVE Mode.


As discussed in the above section that the Cybersphere Mod Apk has 2 online game modes. These are the PVP and PVE game modes. In the PVP game mode, you can actually start a death match against any random player from the world.

The PVE game mode allows you to play with your friends and family in a co-op battle. There you will make a team and fight with other teams by making a combined strategy and implementing it in runtime during the fights.


Cybersphere Mod Apk
Cybersphere Mod Apk

This game is a treat for space lovers. It has a lot of things to offer. Let us see the features section below to get all the insights about the Cybersphere Mod Apk.

Different Characters

As a main character in the game, you need some alliance. This can be done by using different characters. As the game is a sci-fi game so the characters are not all human. You can get tanks, cyborgs, robots, and other soldiers alongside you in the fights. Unlike Heroes Strike.

AI Assistance

As in the offline mode, you need an alliance or an army to fight against the aliens so this thing is perfectly handled by the smartly designed AI of the game. It plays under your command and implements the fighting strategies very smartly.

Weapons And Armory

The game consists of more than 30 different types of weapons like Shadow Fight. These include guns, laser shooters, rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers, bombs, etc. You can acquire them all and use them according to the strategy that you will make.

Death Match

If you want to play solo in multiplayer mode, then the deathmatch is what you should look for. It is a great option where you will face a real player with the same or better skills and weapons than you and you have to defeat him in order to get the rewards.

Co-Op Battles

The PVE game mode has online co-op battles. These include teaming up with your friends and family and making some combined strategies in order to fight against other teams over the internet.


If you have a taste of space and have watched star wars, then this Cybersphere Mod Apk is definitely for you. It has some exciting futuristic battles in which you can showcase your strategy-making and fighting skills. Moreover, you can also play this game with your friends so when you download this game, don’t forget to recommend it to your friends. Get more games from Apkgrey like Stumble Guys and dude theft Wars, etc.

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