Designer City Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gold)


Designer City is a simulation game that is all about creating a modern city that provides all the living facilities to its people, creates jobs, and attracts tourists.
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19 July 2022
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The Designer City Mod Apk is a city-building simulation game that can be played on both android and IOS devices. In this game, you have to start from level zero and build a small city and then convert it into a huge and modern metropolis.

In this game, the Designer City Mod Apk you are the owner of your city and you have to take care of it. First, you will start small and have to build some necessary buildings so that some people can come to your city and live there.

Your main task is to make as many people come to your city as possible. And this can only be done by providing state-of-the-art facilities to the people, better than the other cities.

The people need two things, one is basic living facilities and the second one is a pollution-free, eco-friendly environment. While constructing different buddings, you have to take care of the ecosystem and make sure that they are less harmful to our environment.

The more happy your people are the better they will work and the more income they will generate. The construction at suitable places is one thing that you need to take care of. The other one is managing the city affairs and providing equal living and job opportunities to the citizens in the Designer City Mod Apk. And you have to take care of all of them.


Designer City MOD APK
Designer City MOD APK

The Designer City Mod Apk is divided into 2 phases. One is constructing the city and the other one is managing the daily affairs of that city, and both of them go side by side, so a lot of brains are involved while playing this game.

You can also visit your friends or other people’s cities and get inspiration from them. See how they are working and what sort of arrangements they have made for their citizens. You can take notes and then come back to your city and implement them. It has much similar gameplay to Global City.


Designer City
Designer City

Let us now discuss all of the amazing features that his Designer City Mod Apk has to offer for us.

Do Suitable Constructions

Although you are free to construct as many buildings as you want unless you have the resources but you have to make them in suitable places where the ecosystem and the green environment of the city are not disturbed. If you can assure this thing, no one can stop your city from becoming the super city in the entire game.

Build Different Facilities

Facilities are very much important as they are required by your citizens to live happily. Suitable infrastructure and hospitals, schools, colleges, parks, etc are all the main components and backbone of your city. So try to work on these things as well.

Create Job Opportunities

If you have no jobs in your city, no one will move to it. So you have to invite different industrialists to set up their industries in your city. This can only be done by making friendly policies. Once the industries are ready, you can create job openings easily for your citizens to work there.

Advice From The Citizens

The buildings have been made, facilities have been provided so what’s next? Next, you can take advice from your citizens and ask them what more they want and what things need improvement. With their advice, you can make your city even better.

Attract The Tourists

Tourists are a great way to increase the economy of your city. To attract more tourists, you have to build some tourist attractions, like the real-life Eiffel tower, Taj-Mahal, etc can be made along with other wonders that attract some potential visitors.


If you want to become a complete owner of an entire city, then download this Designer City Mod Apk and take on the challenge of converting a small city into the big metropolis and industrial hub of the entire area. So don’t wait and download the game right now.

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