DINO HUNTER MOD APK (All Weapons, Unlimited Energy) 2022

DINO HUNTER MOD APK (All Weapons, Unlimited Energy) 2022


Are you ready to play an epic dinosaur game? DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES is one of the best dinosaurs games on android. Hunt various dinosaurs and enjoy the action. Choose from tons of powerful weapons.
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7 September 2023
Android 4.1 and Up
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DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES is an amazing dinosaur action game developed by Glu and released in 2014. Even though it is an old game, but that does not mean that this game is any less fun than the latest games.

It is one of the best dinosaurs game ever made for androids. Because of its unique and fantastic features, this game is highly popular and has more than 50m downloads in the play store. It also has more than 90% positive reviews.

You can enjoy epic dinosaur action in this game. Hunt tons of dinosaur species and enjoy killing these massive beasts. To get the ultimate gaming experience, download DINO HUNTER MOD APK All Weapons Unlocked 2021.

dino hunter mod apk


  • Hunt gigantic and dangerous historic beasts.
  • Choose from tons of weapons.
  • Explore dangerous places and paths.
  • Become a master shooter to hunt down these monsters.
  • Realistic graphics make this game much more fun.
  • Unlock weapons by completing challenges.
  • Simple controls make this game very easy.
  • Upgrade and become the ultimate hunter.
  • Enjoy realistic animations.
  • The best game to kill time.



This game has tons of incredible features that never let the player get bored. The engaging gameplay keeps the player entertained. Be careful, this game is highly addictive. You will spend hours playing this game and won’t even realize it.

Tap on the left and right arrows to move your character. Drag your finger in the middle of the screen to look around and aim. To aim, tap on the aim icon at the left side of the screen. After aiming, simply tap on the right side of the screen at the shooting icon to shoot.

To zoom in and zoom out, slide the zoom handle. Move the zoom handle down to zoom in and move the zoom handle up to zoom out. Some dinosaurs when attacked will be alerted and will attack you but some won’t attack you.

Each mission has an objective and you have to kill specific dinosaurs and a certain number of them in order to complete missions. At the end of the mission, you will get performance results like rare animal value and which body part you shot and rewards according to your performance.

You get to choose from several powerful weapons in this game. All these weapons have their own characteristics. Buy rifles, assault rifles, shotguns, bows, and exotics. Rifles are long-ranged weapons that can hunt targets at a greater distance.

Assault Rifles are mid-range weapons and can kill beasts at mid-range. Shotguns have much higher damage than rifles and assault rifles, but they are limited to kill enemies at a very close range. Their fire rate is also low.

Upgrade your weapons to increase their power, stability, max zoom, infrared, capacity, reload time, and fire rate. Also, add a suppressor to your weapons so that they don’t make noise and alert other dinosaurs when you shoot a dinosaur.

Travel to different beautiful regions and enjoy lush places and sceneries. There are a lot of species of dinosaurs like T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Titanis, Tyrannosaurus, and Jungle Mists, etc. All the dinosaurs look very realistic and scary.

Defeat all bosses and get all trophy hunts in this game and become the expert dinosaur hunter. The final boss is the hardest but with practice, you can easily defeat it. This game has extraordinary graphics, everything looks high quality, and very clear.

The dinosaurs look very realistic and you can see small details on them which make them look very high quality. Play online or offline, you will enjoy in both modes.

DINO HUNTER MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)


To get the best dinosaur hunting experience, download DINO HUNTER MOD APK. It is the best version of this game because you can enjoy everything unlimited. Get unlimited energy, all weapons unlocked, free shopping, free gold, unlimited money, and gems.

With unlimited money, you will have everything for free at your disposal. All weapons are unlocked from the start of the game. Upgrade them for free. Get this unblocked version without spending any dollars. It is not the old version but the new version.

What’s New?

  • Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance
  • Updated to 3.5.9
  • No Advertising appears in the game


Watch Video About Dino Hunter

If you don’t know how to play the Dino Hunter game here is a video tutorial that will teach you exactly how to play dino hunter on your android devices.


How many levels are in dino hunter’s deadly shores?

This game has 34 Regions.

How do you get gold in dino hunter’s deadly shores?

Watch advertisement videos.

How do I download dino hunter deadly shores for PC?

For PC, install the emulator then download this game.


Final Words

This game is perfect in every single aspect. Graphics, gameplay, controls, weapons, costumes, upgrades, all these things make this game one of a kind. There aren’t a lot of dinosaur games for android and this one is the best. This game is also available for iOS.

The shooting effects and dying animations are also incredible. So, without further ado, download DINO HUNTER MOD APK Latest Version 2021 and get everything unlimited. Also, check out this stickman game, The Catapult MOD APK.



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