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Door Kickers Action Squad is an action game that is available on high-definition graphics where you can use 6 different characters. The game is available for android users.
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18 June 2022
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The Door Kickers Action Squad Apk is a retro-styled action shooting game where you are a member of a SWAT team who has been assigned a task to restrict and eliminate terrorism and you have to do this by fighting with the bad guys with your weapons and skills.

The game starts when the USA is under attack by terrorist organizations. The terrorist attack at a city called Nowhere. Now you have been assigned a task to kill these guys and stop their organization to spread across the USA.

You as a leader of the SWAT team have to save all the hostages from these guys and fight with them in this pixel-style action game. But then things get really difficult here in this game.

As in the game, there is no light and you only have a flashlight. You just have to detect the movement of the enemy and shoot quickly at them. This has the risk that while shooting you may kill a hostage in the dark, so in that case, your mission will be failed.

So you must have sharp instincts to reach quickly. You have to detect the motions and movement of the enemies in the Door Kickers Action Squad Apk.


Door Kickers Action Squad
Door Kickers Action Squad

The gameplay of this 2d Door Kickers Action Squad Apk is very straightforward Like Stickman Warriors. Go to the battlefield and save the hostages. There are different guns and weapons that you can use in this regard. Your enemies always have better weapons than you. Your skill matters more in this game.

You can just click on a teammate and set their path of moving. Here you have to make the best strategy to gain an advantage over your enemies. The best strategy here in this Door Kickers Action Squad Apk is to block all the areas where the enemies can be at advantage and try to take them down at a place where they can’t resist for a second.


Door Kickers Action Squad Apk
Door Kickers Action Squad Apk

Down below are some of the features of the Door Kickers Action Squad Apk.

SWAT Leadership

In this game, you are the leader of your SWAT team. Your team consists of Bruce and Costin whose field skills are of top quality. Then there is John who was an ex-soldier. So his shooting ability is great. There are also more members in your team. So you can use all of their abilities in the right places to gain an advantage.

Weapons For SWAT

The skills of your team alone are not enough for them. The stock weapons are useful in only the first phases of the game. After that, the terrorist is difficult to capture. So to make sure you complete the missions effectively, then make sure to equip yourself and your teammates with the latest and upgraded armor and weapons.

Different Chapters

The game is based on a perfectly driven story. So each mission is associated with a chapter and many chapters are making the whole story of the game. So you can play all of these chapters and unveil the entire storyline of the game.

Zombie Invasion

The game has a zombie invasion mode also. Here you will be dealing with the zombies instead of the terrorists. This gives the game a whole new dimension but the concept remains the same and that is to save the hostages.

Additional Features

The additional features of the game are given below.

  • Detailed retro graphics
  • 6 playable characters,
  • Unique Strategic Abilities system
  • 84 levels to complete
  • Endless Tower Mode
  • 60 weapons and gear items
  • 20+ enemy types


Fans of the pixel retro action games will love this Door Kickers Action Squad Apk game. It has some exciting weapons and different chapters that make the entire story of the game. So don’t wait and download the game now. Get more action games from Apkgrey such as Duterte Fighting Crime 2 and Grimvalor, etc.

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