Drag Racing Streets MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2022

Drag Racing Streets MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2022


Wanna play a an awesome drag racing game. This game is very special because you get to enjoy a realistic racing experience. Make a car of your dreams and become a winner. Defeat your opponents and stand first in every race.
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1 September 2022
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Drag Racing Streets is a very special racing game developed by Square. This game is very different from other racing games because of its unique features. The features never give you repetitive and boring gameplay.

Each time you play this game, you get a different gameplay experience. There is something new to explore each time. You have a wide range of customization and upgrade options in this game. Make your cars completely unique.

Are you bored and looking for an awesome drag racing game? If yes, then this game is for you. The version of this game that gives you the best gameplay is Drag Racing Streets MOD APK. You get to enjoy unlimited features in the modded version.


Drag Racing Streets MOD APK
Drag Racing Streets MOD APK

Games that are easier are much more fun to play. Controls are one of the main things that make a game more fun to play. Drag Racing Streets has simple controls. At the start of the game, select your transmission, automatic, robotic, or manual.

Tap the button on the right side of the screen to accelerate. To break, tap the button on the left side of the screen. If you are an expert in playing racing games with a manual transmission, choose it. If not, select the automatic transmissions.

Try to drive as fast as you can. Speed matters a lot in this game. At the end of each race, your total race completing time, the time you took to reach from 0-100 speed, 0-200 speed, and finish speed will be counted.

Choose your favorite car. So many awesome cars to choose from in this game like Supra and BMW. Not all of them are available from the start. Only one out of six cars can be chosen from in the beginning. Cars can be unlocked by leveling up and spending money.

Normally, cars in racing games have a few attributes like top speed, acceleration, brakes, and handling but the developers of this game went one step ahead and added attributes like Horse Power, Max Power, Engine Volume, Max RPM, Grip, Mass, Air Resistance, and Mileage.

The more the upgradable attributes, the more realistic the racing experience you get in a racing game. Paint separately any part of the car you want. Body, rear wheel, front wheel, tires, front body kit, rear body kit, and tints.

Moreover, apply stickers to your car and various designs. Explore your creativity and make your car stylish. Color it however you want, you can keep one color and make it simple, or you paint multiple parts and select different colors for each part.

But be careful while painting, don’t be too aggressive. The car most likely won’t look good if you color it’s every single part differently. But it’s your choice at the end of the day. Test different color schemes and select your favorite.

Enjoy beautiful graphics and visuals. The cars look very realistic and detailed. You will enjoy yourself so much while driving them. When it comes to the tracks, you can drive cars on many beautiful tracks. Enjoy awesome weather effects.


Drag Racing Streets
Drag Racing Streets
  • Extraordinary graphics and visuals.
  • A wide range of tuning and customization options.
  • Complete epic challenges and earns massive rewards.
  • Play multiplayer with thousands of online players.
  • Enjoy realistic physics and engine sounds.
  • Be amused by beautiful places.
  • Pick your favorite car from tons of cars.
  • Upgrade your car and make it stylish.
  • Enjoy simple and easy controls.
  • Practice and become an expert driver.

Drag Racing Streets MOD APK Unlimited Money

Drag Racing Streets MOD APK 2021 is much better than the original version because of its unlimited features like unlimited money. Who doesn’t need unlimited money in games? Of course, everyone needs. You will fall in love with the modded version.

With unlimited money, you will be able to buy anything in this game. Make your car the fastest car by upgrading it to the maximum level. Buy the car of your dreams and race on tracks. Cover it with cool stickers and make it modern.

You will quickly get rid of blueprints by playing this mod.

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Is Drag Racing Streets easy to play?

Yes, this game is easy to play.

How to level up fast in Drag Racing Streets?

Level up fast by playing the Drag Racing Streets MOD APK.

How to get swap parts in Drag Racing Streets?

It is easy to get swapped parts. You will know when you play this game.

Is this game boring?

No, it’s a very entertaining game.

Is Drag Racing MOD APK safe to download?

Yes, it does not have any virus, it’s safe to download.


This game is guaranteed to kill your boredom. Not just boredom but also depression and anxiety. Nowadays, millions of people play video games to pass the time. This game is one of the best android games.

You might become addicted to its engaging gameplay, be aware. There is not a single flaw in this game, it is flawless, for sure. So, what are you waiting for? Drag Racing Streets MOD APK is completely free to download and play.

This game is also available for pc to download.

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What's new

* C-Corvette C6 Z06 is in the game!
* New tools in “paint n spray”: moving layers and scaling decals by axis
* New decals in “lines” and “shapes”
* April Fools' crate removed from the market
* Changed the calculation of prices on the market for some products
* Added buying restrictions on the livery market: 20th lvl or premium.
* Improved filters on the livery market



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