Dragon Tamer Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems) 2022


Dragon Tamer is all about dragons where you can grow your dragons as well. The more number of eggs you collect the more dragon you can grow.
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1 June 2022
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Are you a fan of dragons? Have you heard about dragon tamers and would want to tame dragons of your own? If yes and you are fascinated by dragons then stick with us as today the game under discussion will be the Dragon Tamer Mod Apk.

The Dragon Tamer Mod Apk is a game that is a mix of many game genres. This is the beauty of this game as you will get elements of role-playing along with that city-building and combat fighting genres are also exhibited in this game.

This game’s primary focus is on taming and breeding different species of dragons, taking care of them, providing them all the necessary items, and then taking them in the different online competitions and battles with different real players.

You can expect more than 100 different species of dragons that you can easily tame. Different dragons have different environments for breeding. So you have the freedom of providing the same habitat for the breeding of the dragons.

Depending upon the type of egg laid by the dragon, the hatching process has separate times. Some can take zero to a few seconds and some can go as long as a whole one hour.

So once your dragons are ready you must take them to fights. Online multiplayer fights that are turned-based are perfectly designed for this purpose. So don’t shy away from fighting in this Dragon Tamer Mod Apk.


Dragon Tamer Mod Apk
Dragon Tamer Mod Apk

As the game is all about dragons so you have to do 3 main tasks. One will be the habitat and city-building that will help your dragon live a sustainable life. Later you have to find some dragons and make them breed with each other to give rise to new dragons.

Once you have the dragons in your arsenal you can train them to fight. Before every fight, you will be allowed to select five of the main dragons that you will take into the battlefield with yourself. The fights will be turned based and you can use the full powers and attacks of your dragons.


Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer

The features of the Dragon Tamer Mod Apk are provided in the below section. Have a look at them.

Collect Dragon Eggs

You can visit the different parts of the dragon Island and from there you can explore the area to find some rare eggs. These eggs if provided with accurate habitats will give you some unique dragons.

Build A Dragon City

On the dragon Island, you have to build a proper dragon city for the living purposes of your dragons. This dragon city will have different dragon buildings, eating areas, different places for the breeding of dragons, etc.

Do Farming

For the food that your dragons will require you can farm and grow some crops. These crops and plants will fulfill your dragon’s food requirements and as a result, their power will increase.

Tame Unique Dragons

You can make different dragons of different types breed with each other. In this case, the offspring of both these dragons will be unique and will have special powers if both the parents.

PVP Monster Battles

When your dragons are ready you can take them to fight against real players. You can either team with your friends or you can also go solo and select your 5 dragons to fight.


With each passing day, the gaming industry is evolving. All sorts of games are there. The best part about this Dragon Tamer Mod Apk is that it is a blend of many game genres giving you an option of farming alongside a game having city building. You will also get the feels of the fighting and raiding system so download it and enjoy these different genres in one game.

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