Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money)

Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money)


Duterte Fighting Crime 2 is an action game based on different characters who are called superheroes. You will get multiple weapons to defend and fight
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7 September 2023
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Are you ready to take on the criminals and fight against corruption? Want an action-packed game with a super cool hero? If yes then this fighting action adventure Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod Apk is going to be the best form for your free and boring time. Note here you will get unlimited money and ammo.

Here in this game, you Durterte is the president of the Philippines who is now on a task to fight against the outlaws, bandits and corrupt people in close shooting fights on the streets.

Durterte is your character in the game. He is the president of the Philippines and has now decided that he will be dealing with the crime by himself. So he takes his gun out and goes on the street to fight against all the terrorists, criminals, and other corrupt individuals. You will help in doing this by completing some epic shooting tasks.

Here in the game, you can move forward and backward and when you approach your enemies, you have to shoot them with some very explosive firearms and incredible weapons. There are too many real guns out there in this Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod Apk that you can unlock and acquire. So why wait then?


Duterte Fighting Crime 2
Duterte Fighting Crime 2

The gameplay of this Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod Apk is very addictive, yet simple, unlike Dead Cells. All you have to do is to complete the shooting tasks by shooting different characters. You have the help of different weapons that have different sorts of amazing powers.

Apart from just shooting with the guns, here in this game, you can have different kinds of power-ups that you can fire on your enemies at a specific time. This makes your character become a superhero along with being the President of the country.

Along with the above helping materials, you can call some henchmen to fight alongside you against the hordes of enemies. They are very hilarious yet they fight perfectly.


Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod Apk
Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod Apk

Down are some of the best features of the Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod Apk.

Different Kinds Of Enemies

So what you can expect from this game is the different types of interestingly designed enemies each of whom has a superpower and fighting ability of its own. And as you progress through the game the skill level and difficulty of the enemies increase.

High Score Competition

Although the game itself is not a multiplayer game when connected to social media, you can compete with your friends on the score of different levels. You can see on which spot among your friends you lie and you can perform well to top the leader board.

Different Unique Weapons

Don’t worry about the amazing weapons of this game, you get everything from M4 to Rocket launchers and from Rocket launchers to machine guns. You can earn the money by completing the tasks and you can use that money to buy guns and firearms for your character.

Transform Into Superheros

You can also transform your character into superheroes like Goku, and other Manga heroes by launching the power-ups. These will give you an extra advantage as the powers of these heroes and their attacks do much more damage than the guns.

Ask For Help

Duterte Fighting Crime 2
Duterte Fighting Crime 2

You can also ask for help and different other characters will come to fight side-by-side with you with their powers. You can also change your character from the list of different statesmen.

Fight With Zombies

Here you can fight with zombies but be careful zombies can attack you unintentionally. They can come in groups and solely as well. Keep powerful weapons to defend them and kill them. You can ask for help as well.


The above discussion concludes that this game is very addictive and you can play it without any sort of internet connection. All you need to do is to download it and start playing it right away. With different weapons and superheroes, this Duterte Fighting Crime 2 Mod Apk will prove to be the best boredom killer for you.

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