Extra Lives Mod Apk (Unlimited Health And Ammo) 2022

Extra Lives Mod Apk (Unlimited Health And Ammo) 2022


Extra Lives is an adventure game where you can fight with zombies and can destroy them in different ways. Here you can customize your character as well.
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3 June 2022
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Extra Lives Mod Apk is a new game by the MDickie games. This is an action fighting game with some hilarious fighting cut scenes and funny and engaging gameplay. All of the game items have been unlocked and unlimited money and gems have been added for you in the modified version of the game.

The Extra Lives Mod Apk is a game related to zombies and clashes among various human factions. In the game, the player will find themselves in a deserted place destroyed by the walking dead mainly known as zombies.

There are some survivors left in this game. These survivors were not infected by the zombie apocalypse but the problem now is bigger than that. Zombies are just one problem to deal with. The major one is the fight between the different factions of survivors causing chaos.

At the start, you will be given a chance to join any of the 8 factions of survivors. All of these 8 groups have different types of approaches to fighting and have different types of skilled people. Your call is to join any one of them.

The interesting fighting is added to the game with you being able to pick up the things from the ground using the hand button and by pressing both hand and attack button you will easily use that item to hit any person you want.

The Extra Lives Mod Apk also has the option to interact with as many as 200 different types of characters playing their part in the game story. Each of them puts you on a different task with a different story. So much is waiting for you at the other end of this game.


Extra Lives Mod Apk
Extra Lives Mod Apk

The Extra Lives Mod Apk is an action-fighting game with easy-to-use controls. You can attack, jump, pick up the items from the ground and use them as weapons just by pressing the respective buttons on the screen.

Different modes exist in the game with story mode being the most engaging one and the death matches allowing you to team up with your buddies and fight against either the zombies or the rival factions of the game.


Extra Lives
Extra Lives

The features of the Extra Lives Mod Apk are given in the below section. Let’s have a look at them.

Free Character Customization

The game brings free character customization with you being the decider of the final look and physical appearance of your character. From the hairstyle to the hair color and from hair color to the type of dress or walk your character will have, everything can be done using the customization option available to you.

Interesting Stories And Narratives

There are many narratives presented in this game. Each one has the task of telling you a story. At each stage of the game you will be introduced to new methods of fighting, new ways of surviving, and news stories and related tasks to them through these narratives. This thing makes this game even more interesting to play.

Different Factions To Join

The game has a total number of 8 different types of factions. These are the surviving groups each having its people. Each person in the different faction has a different style and special skills. You have to make your call at the starting of the game as to which faction you will belong to.

Vast Playing Map

The map of this game is vast with over 50 different types of playing locations for you. You can either move freely or take part in the missions to fight against the zombies that are taking over your world.

Amazing Fights Against Zombies And Factions

As the game is a zombie fighting game so you can expect any zombie clash. But the thing unexpected for you is your fight against the rival factions. Yes apart from the zombies, tackling the rival factions and fighting with them is a big problem and with zombies coming to kill you, it becomes dirty sometimes.


The game comes with tons of interesting features and in-game items. Everything has been unlocked for you in the Extra Lives Mod Apk and an unlimited amount of money and gold has been added. Download the game now and fight against the different zombie forces.

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