Download Fighting Tiger Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2021

Download Fighting Tiger Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2021


Fighting Tiger is an action game that allows you to fight with your enemies and you can do some famous fighter stutens to take down your opponents quickly. This is one of the famous games for kids
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24 June 2022
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Fighting games are popular with children, and youngsters are always enthusiastic about playing them. A Kung Fu warrior named Gin plays the role you take on in the game. In Fighting Tiger Mod Apk a gang is full of bad people, he desperately wants to leave, but the gang members prevent him from doing so.

Consequently, the gang members come to fight him. It is important to protect your girlfriend and family by fighting these people back. Fighting games don’t have to be boring. You’ll find that this game provides everything that you’d expect out of one. This game is much similar to SAS 4, and Resident Evel 3.

There are many things at stake in this game, including your life and love, and if you make one mistake, you could lose them all. You should always be careful when playing Fighting Tiger Mod Apk.

It is not uncommon for your enemies to arrive in groups to beat you badly because they are extremely strong and dangerous. This means that you must demonstrate your fighting skills and destroy them all. A lot of characters will appear in this game.

Seeing how different each character looks and their different abilities and skills will make you enjoy playing with them. Learn new moves and learn how to deal with different situations. Additionally, several weapons can be used to do more damage in a single hit and defeat your foes.


Fighting Tiger Mod Apk
Fighting Tiger Mod Apk

Fast And Smooth Motion

Simple controls allow you to use all types of attacks, such as punching, kicking, catching, and dodging. The easy and smart controls will take all the stress out of defending yourself on the streets. Its controls are similar to Nova Legacy and Dragon Balls


The game offers a variety of fighting techniques; including kicks and punches, as well as special weapons you can use to knock your opponents out. Fighting Tiger Mod Apk gives you access to firearms, bombs, and knives for quick and easy victories.


The controls of this game have been tested manually, and we have found them to be effective. Your character can be controlled very easily. There is a slight improvement in controls compared to before, allowing you to maneuver your character more easily.

Different Fighting Styles

Fighting Tiger
Fighting Tiger

You can choose from several different fighting styles in this game, such as Kungfu, Chinese boxing, Sanda, and Bajiquan. There is no hidden mode in the mod version to unlock all of these fighting styles. Regardless, you can use any of your choosing.


Graphically, this game is quite impressive. As you can see, Fighting Tiger Mod Apk uses normal graphics. Compared to others, these are not Full HD but still provide enough entertainment to keep you entertained.

A deadly attack

This is a place where you can use punches, catches, kicks, throws, and dodge. Use these offensive and defensive tools to defeat your opponents. You have more chances of winning the game when you take action more quickly and more efficiently.


We highly recommend playing this action game if you’re a fan of action games. Several ways are available in fighting tiger mod apk for defending and attacking you. Combining your techniques and mastering your habits will allow you to save your girlfriend with a tiger gang and live again.

Therefore, you will reduce your stress and improve your skills in line with your needs. Defeat the tiger that has taken your life in a new fighting game, liberal fighter mod, where the real power in your hand comes from wielding a fighting tiger.

Besides, its rating shows just how amazing the game is. This game is compatible with almost any android phone with low RAM and processing power.

What's new

Shan and her brother join the fight
Fixed UI bugs



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