Fort Conquer MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems Unlocked

Fort Conquer MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gems Unlocked


Scary and powerful beasts are coming to destroy you and you must fight them to survive. Make a team of powerful beasts and fight them to become a winner.
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7 September 2023
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DroidHen developed this amazing game “Fort Conquer”. It is a very fun game and one of the best strategy games out there. DroidHen is the name behind many popular games like Fishing Diary. Fort Conquer was released in 2012. Although it has become very old it is still so much fun to play and it is better than most of the latest games released nowadays.

Ever since humans have stepped on this earth, they are trying to build a strong connection with different animals. Ever since we learned the art of taming animals, we have tamed unnumbered animals and used them for various purposes.

Even in this modern age, animals are being used for different purposes. We use them for transporting goods, for food and whatnot. We also enjoy watching them fight. There are many professional matches between different animals held every year around the world.

You might have heard about chicken fights or dog fights. But have you ever heard about dragon fights? Fort Conquer is a game in which you can enjoy dragon fights. Dragons are fierce, scary, and very powerful mythical creatures who breathe fire. They are gigantic and also have wings.


You won’t only find dragons in this game but also many other powerful animals like elephants, crocodiles, and tigers. This game has a lot of species of animals that entertain the player. Your goal is to defeat the strong animals using your best and most powerful animals and take over the fort.

You can build up your troop, make them experts in battle by using different strategies and techniques. Complete difficult challenges and earn rewards. Fort Conquer MOD APK is even better.

Fort Conquer Features

  • Defend your tower using your best animals.
  • Difficult challenges which give rewards upon completion.
  • Boss Battles are so much fun.
  • Enjoy fighting with a huge variety of powerful beasts.
  • Enjoy beautiful locations and maps.
  • Become a strategist and devise useful techniques.
  • Very beautiful graphics which keep the player engaged in the game.


Fort Conquer
Fort Conquer

If you ever wanted to play as a dragon in a game, you can fulfill your wish in this game. You are a commander, and your mission is to lead your army of ferocious monsters on the battlefield and win the battle.

The combat style of this game is fantastic. You have different cards of animals, and you can choose different animals from those cards. The beasts on the battlefield will keep coming, and you must defeat them all before you all of your enemies die to complete the mission.

You can enjoy different locations in this game: lava location and ice location. Different locations give a different experience to the player. If you are a fan of lava, you can choose the lava location, but if you are a fan of ice location, you can choose that as well.

To level up, you need to progress through the game by putting some hours into the gameplay. You need to defeat as many enemies as you can and earn more coins and money. If you can’t defeat a particular enemy, check its level.

If your level is lower than your enemy level, it will be very difficult for you to beat him. You might be able to beat your enemy if there is a subtle difference between levels. For example, if your level is 10 and his level is 12, you might have a chance, but if the level of your enemy is 17 or more than that, then there is no way you can beat him.

At the end of each battle, you will be shown how many enemies you killed. You can also see your kill bonus, life bonus, stage bonus, and the total number of coins you collected in that fight. XPs and crystals will also be given to you after each match. XPs can be used to upgrade your level.


Fort Conquer MOD APK will make you enjoy this game even more.

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Fort Conquer MOD APK.

Unlimited Money

You need money in this game to buy different things, and you will get unlimited money if you download Fort Conquer MOD APK. Money can also be earned by playing this game, but of course, that is time taking.

Unlimited Coins

This MOD also gives you unlimited coins, which you can use to progress through the game. It depends on you. If you don’t want to work hard to earn coins, then download Fort Conquer MOD APK and save your time.

No Ads

This game might be fun, but some players don’t enjoy it because of ads. You will get an ad-free experience if you play this Fort Conquer MOD APK. You will enjoy this game even more.

Unlocked Levels

You will get unlocked levels, and you can get an even more enjoyable experience. You will get bored by playing the same level over and over again so that’s why download the modded version to unlock all levels.


The developer has done some great work on graphics. The graphics are really crispy and HD. All the animals are shaped well and that gives real-life animal feelings. More than this, ground mountains, and plants are developed in a way that they gives you a crispy feelings.



Is this game easy to play?

Yes, it is very easy to play this game.

Is the Fort Conquer MOD APK safe to download?

Yes, you can download it without any issues. Fort Conquer MOD APK is a safe file.


This game is old but gold just like Clash of Zombies. The graphics of this game are very good, and you can see everything clearly. The main menu and overall experience are very simple. The models of animals are very detailed.

One of the best things in this game is that you can use dragons. Who wouldn’t love to play as dragons in a game? You can create an army of dragons and become the champion of the battlefield.

You absolutely fall in love with this game. The gameplay can easily make someone addicted to it. It is better to download Fort Conquer MOD APK to get the most out of the gameplay.

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