Game Of Khans Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money)

Game Of Khans Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money)

Game Of Khans is a strategy game where you have to rule your Mongols army in order to win the battles against your enemies. Make a better strategy with the game.
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18 July 2022
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If you are a student of history then you must know about the great Mongols. The fierce and deadly rulers of the world. Where ever they went they spilled blood. Anything that came in their way, they conquered. Although their reign was short, the land that they conquered was too much. This Game Of Khans Mod Apk is a strategy simulation game based on the Mongols.

Game Of Khans Mod Apk
Game Of Khans Mod Apk

Anyone who knows about the Mongols would know that the only thing that contributed to their success was their army and each army unit was commanded by a commander. This commander was responsible for the operations and sometimes he was termed the mini king.

The commanders of the Mongol empire were the key to conquering many lands and winning many difficult wars. In this game, you will get a free chance to become one of the commanders of the Mongolian khan and lead a horde of Mongolian fighters.

This game allows you to take orders from the Mongolian khan, your King, and then work on those orders. You will travel to many places of the world with your army of deadly Mongolian fighters.

You will command and lead them into many fights in this Game Of Khans Mod Apk. After conquering the lands you can easily set up your own rule there. You can decide all the rules and collect taxes for your Khan. In short, you will be the named governor of Khan, on the land that you will conquer for your Khan.


Game Of Khans Mod Apk
Game Of Khans Mod Apk

This Game Of Khans Mod Apk is a strategy game that is all about commanding the Mongolian army to victory Unlike Evony and Guns of Glory. But fighting and taking part in the battles is not what this game is about. Instead, there is more to offer by this game.

In this game, you can also experience romance by building relationships with the daughters of your Khan and in the end marrying them. Khans want heirs for their throne, and their daughters are the key to that. You can marry the daughters of their khans and become close to your Khans in this game.

But for this thing, you first have to impress the khans by your performance on the battlefield as a commander. The better you perform and win the battles, the better your reputation in the eyes of the Khan and his daughters.


Game Of Khans
Game Of Khans

The features of the Game Of Khans Mod Apk are listed down below. Let’s have a look at them before downloading the game.

Become A Legendary Commander

Mongols were famous for their deadly and fierce commander who fought and conquered many lands for them. So if you want to become a great commander of the Mongolian Army, then here is your chance. In this game, you can easily get a whole unit of Mongolian fighters, whom you can train and guide into many wars all around the world.

Marriage With Khan Daughters

In this game the Great Mongolian Khans have daughters whom they need to get married. And this makes a chance for you to step in and impress one of them. Perform in the battlefield and impress the daughters of these khans and after send a marriage proposal to their fathers so that you can marry them and build a family.

Conquer And Rule Cities

You can take part in many battles all around the world as a commander. You can fight and win these battles. And once a land has been conquered by you, you will become the ruler of that land on the behalf of you Khan. You can decide all the rules and set up taxes. Later you can build different buildings and make that city prosper.

Report To The Khans

No matter how big of a commander you become or how many lands you have conquered, you always have to report to your Khan. This is where the loyalty of a true Mongol Commander lies. So you will take orders from your khan and later report back to him on your performance.


Concluding the topic of these thoughts the Mongols were mighty fighters who although stayed for a short period but conquered many lands with the help of their commanders. So if you want to become one of the commanders of the Mongol army, then download this Game Of Khans Mod Apk and also get an unlimited amount of money and gems.


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