GTA SA Lite Apk Download 200MB (Latest Version) 2022


GTA SA Lite is a lighter version of the GTA SA game that can be very helpful for those who have a very low-end device. This is the latest version free.
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18 June 2022
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Who doesn’t knows about the great Rockstar’s GTA SA? Every person had played this game once in their lifetime. It was a crime-based game where you could do anything. The GTA SA Lite Apk is the android version of the game launched by Rockstar Productions for its fans.

This version is very lightweight and is for those people who have devices with very low memory and ram. The producers wanted to make sure that no person is deprived of this game, so they released this version for low-end mobile phones.

The game is a role-play crime game where the main character is CJ who returns to his hometown to take revenge for her mother’s death from the people who killed him. CJ is an old gangster and now he has returned to do some crime in the city.

The game has an open-world city of Los Santos and there are different sorts of vehicles that you can steal from anyone in the city and use to travel from one point to another.

Swimming, running, fighting, flying jets and choppers, messing up with the law enforcement agencies and much more can be done in this GTA SA Lite Apk. You will not regret it after downloading this game.



The gameplay of the GTA SA Lite Apk itself is not difficult rather the missions that you are assigned are not easy to complete. You can either take a car and a gun and roam around the city freely and do some crime and enjoy or you can take part in the different missions to unveil different aspects of the story of CJ.

You can visit different shops like garments stores to dress your up character. You can visit a barbers shop to have a nice haircut. You can also visit your girlfriend’s home and take her to dinner in the nearest hotel. All of this and more can be done in this game.



The features of the GTA SA Lite Apk are given in the below text.

Use Different Weapons

There are different weapons in this game that you can use to cause chaos. You can visit the ammunition store to buy some weapons or get them from different criminals in the city. Cheat codes can also be used to get all the weapons at once.

Earn Money

One way to earn money is by doing missions just like Mafia City. If you are not into that then you can kill people and steal their money or you can visit a pizza delivery shop and work as a pizza delivery guy. You can also steal a bus and work as a bus driver or use an ambulance to work for a hospital.

Complete Missions


If you don’t want yourself to get bored, then you must try the missions of this game. They are highly competitive and all of them are related to the story of your character. Each mission has its rewards and each mission serves as a key to unlocking further missions.

Drive Cars

There are different cars that you can drive in the city like Dude Theft Wars. You can steal these cars from people or the showrooms. You can customize them by visiting the garages. You can also locate any helipads and there you will find different helicopters that you can fly in the city.


The features of the GTA SA Lite Apk are infinite. You can get a different set of options in this game. And if you are a person who has a low-end device, then you should try out this version of the game as it has been specifically designed for you. After downloading the game, you can explore all of the options by yourself.

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