Guns Of Glory Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022

Guns Of Glory Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022


Guns Of Glory is a strategy game where you have to build your own empire and you have to make your army train them to fight with your enemies.
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7 June 2022
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The century games have launched a new version of the real-time strategy and RPG game, the Guns Of Glory Mod Apk. Here you will take the role of the protagonist who fights with evil cardinal by making a strong army and a kingdom full of life.

Guns Of Glory MOD APK
Guns Of Glory MOD APK

The Guns Of Glory Mod Apk is an RPG kingdom-building game. Here you have to build a kingdom that is prospering in science, and technology has the strongest defense, has a sustainable economy, and is a self producer of food and trade.

This all starts with you being a prisoner in the prisons of Bastille. Your past is unknown to the world behind an iron mask. But what matters is your future. The future can ruin all the evil plans of the cardinal. So get up, escape and gather like-minded people and make a very strong army to defeat the evil cardinal.

The evil cardinal who label themselves as peacemakers have killed the king and have put the murder on your name. You with all your intellect and power have to make a very strong army to defeat them.

The game is based in the enlightenment ages so you will have guns to shoot, airplanes to fly and do war, sea ships to do naval fights and all the other necessary artillery will be available to you in the Guns Of Glory Mod Apk.


Guns Of Glory MOD APK
Guns Of Glory MOD APK

Let’s talk about the gameplay Guns Of Glory Mod Apk. You should know that it’s an RTS game Unlike Injustice 2. So every battle will be in real-time and your strategies should be flexible. You will have 2 modes to play in. Story mode will make you fight against the AI of the game where you will be fighting against the cardinal and defeating his forces.

The PVP mode is linked to the offline game mode as the army that you will make in the story mode, you can take it to the online multiplayer rooms and there you can battle with other people and defeat their armies to gain control of their lands and other resources.


Guns Of Glory
Guns Of Glory

Following are the set of features that make this Guns Of Glory Mod Apk game stand out from the other games.

A Story Adventure

Based on the enlightenment ages with the different stories of the musketeers and the evil cardinal, you will get a lot of adventure. The story mode is very big and has different levels for you in it. So you will have a lot of options to explore.

Battle Alliances

Finding a proper alliance in this game is a challenge. All you need to do is to find some like-minded people and ask them to make or join your clan. After that, you can do combined raids on the other players in the online multiplayer PVP mode.

Send Troops For Exploration

The world map is very vast. You will need resources to survive. You can send your troops with professional people from your land to gather some useful resources for you. They will look out for them and collect them. You can also see those people who aren’t a part of any alliance. If you find any of those you can attack them and capture all of their resources with your military power.

Military Power

Whether it be resource collection or raiding the other players’ land or even safeguarding your kingdom, a really powerful army is needed. You can train different people in your base and make a very strong army that will help you in most areas of this game.

Build And Live

Apart from just doing battles you also have to build different buildings. For that, you need money and resources. Different tasks will give you this. Trading different items produced in your Kingdom will also award you with some money. So always look for these opportunities.


If you are a hardcore gamer and know how to make strategies and fight in real-time battles then you should try your luck in the Guns Of Glory Mod Apk. It is a great battle game with many interesting story plots. So don’t forget to download it before leaving the page.

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