Happy Clinic Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022

Happy Clinic Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022


Happy Clinic is a casual game where you have to take care of your clinic and patience as well. Use advanced machinery and interact with other doctors as well.
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18 September 2022
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If you ever wanted to own a hospital and treat patients and help them in curing their diseases, then the Happy Clinic Mod Apk is the game for you. This game is a casual management style game where you’ll have to take care of the patients in the hospital that you won and work for. Note, here you will get unlimited money as well.

The Happy Clinic is a casual game. Here your lead playable character will be a nurse. Yes, you will get the chance to live a life of a nurse here in this game who works at a hospital.

Now, most people think that the job of a nurse is easy and they don’t have to do much in their jobs. They only take care of the patients to that they are assigned to. But the reality is different. One of the hardest jobs on the planet is the nurse.

This game gives you the chance to experience the challenges that a nurse faces during her job career. You here not only you will take care of the patients but you also have to assist your doctors in their professional work and in dealing with the patient’s health.

The Happy Clinic Mod Apk is all about a young nurse working full-time at a hospital. You will also get different types of patients, all are having different problems with their health. And the main attribute that you will work with is their health bar, you have to make it full so that the patient can be cured.


Happy Clinic Mod Apk
Happy Clinic Mod Apk

Once you start playing the Happy Clinic Mod Apk, there is no going back. It is a very fun-styled addictive game. You might have not heard of any sort of hospital management game, which also makes this game unique from all the other casual games.

Another unique thing about this game is that, as you will play along, you will start to unlock many different memories from the nurse’s life. You will get to know how the lady you are playing, became a nurse and what challenges she had to face. This will give you more motivation to work for the betterment of your hospital.


Happy Clinic
Happy Clinic

Let’s not forget the features of the Happy Clinic Mod Apk. I have listed some of the amazing features of the game down below.

Install More Machines

Initially, you will get some machines at your hospital to work with and they are enough. But as you play more, the game progresses and more patients with different health problems come. So to deal with all of them you need to install more machines and upgrade the ones that you already have.

Assist The Doctors

You will be the one who will monitor the health of the patients and look after them. So you will assist doctors in their work. You will help them during the operations and also the diagnosis of the patients. So get ready for the challenge.

Unlock Nurse Memories

This is a special feature that will fascinate you. Your nurse has plenty of different memories from the past that has faded away. While playing the game, you will unlock those memories at different stages and then you will get to know about your character’s past life.

Cure Patients

While working as a full-time nurse at the hospital, all you will do is deal with all sorts of people. From young to old and from male to female. You will monitor their health bar and will try to make it full so that the patient can be cured easily.


The Happy Clinic Mod Apk is a special sort of casual game that you can get. The more you play it the more you will love it. Here you will get the complete chance of living and working as a nurse and see how that goes. So for that thing to happen, you first have to download the game, so do it right now. Enjoy more casual games like Battle Cats and Hay Day, etc.

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