Head Boxing Mod Apk Download (Max Level)2022

Head Boxing is a sports game where you can fight with your opponent. Moreover, there are 100 different achievements and different modes to play.
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8 September 2022
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The Head Boxing Mod Apk is a diverse and fascinating colorful game of boxing. Here you’ll be doing much more than just hitting the opponent with your bare hands. Let’s find out more about the game below.

So the Head Boxing Mod Apk is a lethal and violent game. And what would you expect from a boxing-related game? There will be punches and a lot of punches with blood over the faces of the characters in this game.

But this violence is not the only thing this game has to offer. There would be much more than that and the character’s style is what makes this game cute and funny side by side with the violence.

Yes, you’ll get small mini-styled characters with big heads and small bodies that are somewhat funny so a great combination of lethal and violent gameplay along with funny characters await you in the game.

In the mode areas, this game comes with a lot of things for the players. There would be 7 different types of modes for you. Each mode has different rules and regulations for you to play in. So if you want to taste the real action of an addictive boxing game, then don’t miss out on the Head Boxing Mod Apk.


Head Boxing Mod Apk
Head Boxing Mod Apk

The Head Boxing Mod Apk has great graphics, vivid and colorful with funny and chubby mini characters. Unlike Super Boxing Championship. The game rules and gameplay is inspired by the real boxing rules.

Where you’ll need to defeat your opponent in the match and each match consists of multiple rounds, minimum of 2 and you have to defeat the opponent in both rounds to win the match easily.

There are also some upgrades and other accessories available to be equipped with your character that can enhance his fighting capacity and capability where some more stamina and speed and other stats will be added to the basic ones.


Head Boxing
Head Boxing

The following are some of the features of the Head Boxing Mod Apk that caught my eye.

Different Playing Modes

The best part about this game is the quantity of playing modes that it has. A total of 7 different playing modes are available to the players. These include many modes like tournament and 1-on-1 along with team matches as well.

100 Different Achievements

In any mode you play inside this Head Boxing game, you’ll get the chance to unlock plenty of different achievements for yourself. These will be your trophies and titles that you’ll add to your collection and show them off to the other players and your friends.

Rounds Of Fights

Just like real boxing, where you get different rounds of fighting in a single match against the same opponent, this game also follows the same theory and concept. So here you’ll have to defeat and knock out your opponent in all of the rounds to earn the victory.

Boxing Tournament

There are 7 different modes in this game that you can enjoy. Of all those 7 modes the most addictive one is the tournament mode where you’ll be fighting in a series of different matches against plenty of boxers. One by one you’ll defeat them and gain the spot in the finals.

Funny Boxing Characters

Another thing that will fascinate you about this game is the funny mini-character styles. Yes, the mini hilarious characters with big heads and small bodies are what will make you joyous.


The Head Boxing Mod Apk is for all lovers of boxing sport. You’ll get an endless amount of fun while boxing against many fighters in never-ending 7 different game modes. So if you want to take this challenge then download the game right now and enjoy boxing.

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