Home Design 3D Mod Apk Download (Premium Version) 2022

Home Design 3D Mod Apk Download (Premium Version) 2022


Home Design 3D is a puzzle and simulation game where you can settle your dream house with your favorite furniture and favorite paint design as well.
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16 August 2022
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Get ready to design your home according to your way. The 2D and 3D home designing and decoration apps are here for all the newbies and professional interior designers. The Home Design 3D Mod Apk comes with great features where you can easily design your house in 3D on your smartphones.

There are many home design apps for interior designers but they are very complex. Using them is a hard task and any new person who wants to see what a 3D version of their house map looks like faces great trouble in doing that. But not anymore as this Home Design 3D Mod Apk is an app for everyone who wants to design their home with ease.

The app lets you create floors first. Just lay the foundation and create your floor design according to your map. After that add the room partitions so that you can make rooms on that floor. All of this will be in 3D.

Not only you can add room partitions to your home but also change the settings and style of the walls. You can increase or decrease the thickness along with selecting the colors to go with. A doom has doors and windows, so the app lets you create doors and windows and add them to the house. Plenty of designs are available here for you.

Most of the work here is drag and drop. But the thing that matters is your creativity. You just have to adjust the settings and the things to their perfect locations and that’s it.

Adding roofing and flooring with carpets and ceilings is also possible for you in this game. Anything you want to add, it is there for you to add to your home design here in this Home Design 3D Mod Apk. So don’t worry and use it without any sort of fear.


Home Design 3D Mod Apk
Home Design 3D Mod Apk

The only motive of this game is to provide an easy way to design homes and apartments for all people no matter what kind of design level they have Just like My Home Design Luxury Interior. Creativity matters here in this Home Design 3D Mod Apk. More than 1600 different items are available for you to use in your home interior designs.

Not only the interior designs but you can also design the exteriors of your houses. In short, you will get a whole view of your home from inside and outside here in this app before actually building it. So it gives you a guess and sense of what and how things will look in real life.


Home Design 3D
Home Design 3D

Among all of the amazing features of the Home Design 3D Mod Apk, I have listed some of the notable ones below.

2D And 3D Designs

The app is not limited to only one sort of design. You can start by designing the 2D blueprint of your home and build a map and later you can transform that blueprint into an actual 3D building design with all the furniture and accessories in it.

Add Furniture

Yes, you heard it right. You will be able to add furniture to your home just like you would want in your real home. You can have sofas, chairs, tables, dressing tables, beds, couches and anything you want in terms of furniture you can have it. You can design a fully furnished home in this app and see how it goes.

Full Interior and Exterior Design

The app also lets you fully design the interiors and exteriors of your home. In terms of interior, plenty of decorative items are available with different wall designs and for the outer design, you can adjust the neighborhood and walls settings and colors.

Undo Redo Functions With Copy Paste

If you think that you have made a mistake while designing something in this app, no need to worry as you will get an undo function to reverse your action. Not only that if you have designed something and you need to do it again for another room, you can also simply copy and paste it here in the Home Design 3D.

Visit Your 3D House

When you are done designing your house in 3D you can always visit it and experience how it looks. You can see the light and how it hits your home along with the experience of the designs that you made. It is always good to pay a visit to your home design to guess at what and how are things going to look like in actual life.


Anyone who wants to design their house in 3D and experience different things without learning difficult software should download the Home Design 3D Mod Apk. You can design the house as you want and you are getting more than 1000 premium design items in this modded version of the game. So don’t wait and hit the download button.

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