Horrorfield MOD APK (All Characters, Unlimited Money) 2024

Horrorfield MOD APK (All Characters, Unlimited Money) 2024


Horrorfield, as the name tells tells, is an epic horror game. If you are into horror games, then this game is for you. It is not only single player but also multiplayer. Explore horror places and defeat your enemies. Warning: this game is very scary.
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Skytec Games
5 February 2024
Android 4.4 and up
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Horrorfield is a horror action game developed by Skytec Games, Inc and released in 2020. There are hardly any good horror games for android and this game is one of them. This game gives a true horror gameplay experience.

If you are into horror games, this game is for you. You will get epic jump scares and you will have so much fun. Play online with other players and enjoy terribleness. Save yourself and try your best to survive.

Different types of players to choose from. Each player has their own unique ability. If you want to have even greater pleasure while playing this game, download Horrorfield MOD APK 2021 Unlimited Money. It is the latest version.



This game has very exciting gameplay. You won’t ever get bored. The controls are very simple and easy. You play as a survivor or a killer in this game. Both game modes are equally entertaining and fun to play.

In the survivor mode, survive from the killer. You need to hide from him and use various strategies. If you scream or do something stupid, he will find you and he will capture you. Different characters are available to pick from.

Jack, Mary, Gary, Lina, Marcus, Phil, and Charlie, are the heroes you can select from. Each hero has his/her own unique ability. Jack the basketball player can run faster than other players. Mary the doctor has the ability to heal herself and the players around her.

Gary the engineer can craft items faster than others and can repair generators quickly. Lina the thief can is incredibly stealthy. Marc the soldier is a very strong man. Philip the scientist has the ability to upgrade military items and he is very intelligent.

Charlie the police officer can catch murderers. Playing with each player will give you a different gameplay experience. It is advised to play with all the characters in the beginning and know your play style.

Only Jack is available from the start. Other characters are locked and they will unlock after reaching a certain level. In the killer mode, catch the survivors. With practice, you will become a better player at this game and will know the strategies.

Upgrade your skills. Get easier gameplay by upgrading your skills. If you find this game hard to play, all you need to do is upgrade and practice. In the killer mode, you have 4 killers to select from. Butcher, Cultist, Phantom, and Beast.

Reach level 5 to unlock butcher and play as the killer. Level 11 is required to play as Cultist, level 17 to play as Phantom, and level 19 to play as the Beast. To level up, all you need to do is keep playing this game and progress.

The animations and graphics of this game are beautiful. The environment and the horrible feeling you get while playing this game is very realistic and unique. This game has so much to offer and therefore the player never gets repetitive gameplay.

Play online with other players and with your friends. Join a team and survive together. Games are much more fun with friends. This game is very similar to a very famous game, Dead by Daylight.


  • Various interesting game modes.
  • Escape from the crazy killer.
  • Play online with other players.
  • Try your best to survive.
  • Hide from the killer and don’t let him find you.
  • Choose your favorite character from different characters.
  • Entertain by wonderful graphics and environment.
  • Level up your characters and upgrades.
  • Easy and simple controls.
  • Get epic jump scares and enjoy the horror.

Horrorfield MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Do you want to enjoy this game even more than it already is? Then you will have to download Horrorfield. It is the best version of this game and it provides the players with unlimited everything.

It is the latest version of this game. Unlock all the characters from the start of the game. Get unlimited money, and unlimited gold/gems, and upgrade the skills of your characters. If you find this game difficult, then download Horrorfield.

Horrorfield MOD APK is completely free to download and play. No need to spend any money.

Watch Video About Horrorfied

If you are playing this game for the very first time then here is a video tutorial for you to learn how to play the game.


How do you play Horrorfield?

Keep practicing this game and level up.

Can you hide in Horrorfield?

Yes, you can hide in this game.

Is Horrorfield a multiplayer game?

Yes, it is a multiplayer game.

Is Horrorfield free?

Yes, it is free to download.

How do you unlock the Phantom in Horrorfield?

Reach level 17 and you will unlock him.

Can I play Horrorfield with friends?

Yes, you can play this game with friends.


This game is scary, get ready for jump scares at any minute. Use various strategies to beat the level. Hide from the killer and keep an eye on your heartbeat. If your heartbeat becomes too high, you will attract the killer.

This game has tons of scary interesting features which will never make you get bored. It is a great horror game to kill time. This game is a great game to kill time. It is also available for PC to download.

So, without wasting any more time. Download Horrorfield MOD APK Unlimited Money, All Characters Unlocked New Version, and enjoy.

What's new

 Minor improvements and fixes overall the game
Updated to 1.4.5
UI is improved
Better performance now



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