Human Fall Flat Apk Download 1.9 For Android 2022

Human Fall Flat Apk Download For Android 2022


Human Flat is a puzzle and adventure game that can be played among 4 players. Jump over the mountains and enjoy snow and much more.
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25 April 2022
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Finding unique games with a very unique concept and gameplay is very difficult nowadays. Luckily today I am bringing you a game that is very unique in all regards. The name of the game is the Human Fall Flat Apk. It is a mix of several genres. The game is based on puzzle simulation and involves Parkour too.

In this game, you have to control a jelly-like character. The game is based in the world of dreams where everything is floating. Your character is a jelly-like creature who is very difficult to control as compared to the solid structured characters.

The main aim of this game is to escape the world of dreams and help your character move forward by doing Parkour while dodging and overcoming all the obstacles that come your way.

You can choose your character from a variety of different characters. You have an astronaut, chef, skydiver, ninja, etc. You can also create your character in the laboratory of the game.

Apart from the character system of the game, the game itself is very colorful. But don’t get distracted by the colorful nature of the game, as the Human Fall Flat Apk has puzzles that are very difficult to solve.


Human Fall Flat
Human Fall Flat

In the Human Fall Flat Apk, you will help your character escape from its dream world. In your way, there will be a lot of distractions. The game starts with character creation and you can create your character in the lab. There you can choose the upper and lower body of the character and give it a color.

While running and jumping in the game you can solve many puzzles and there are various hidden places that you can visit. All of these places have secrets that you can reveal. The game also supports multiplayer in which you can coordinate with your friends and play together to solve together.


Human Fall Flat Apk
Human Fall Flat Apk

The main features of the Human Fall Flat Apk are given below.

Amazing Dreams

The game is based on the dreams of your character. Your character dreams of many amazing places so it is a great chance for you to explore each of these colorful places.

Solve Puzzles

Human Fall Flat
Human Fall Flat

In the game, you can solve different puzzles. The puzzles are based on the reams of your character and your character will find itself trapped in its dreams. So to help him escape the dreamy world, you have to help him solve all the puzzles. If you are a puzzle lover then you should try Kitten Match and My Home Design, etc.

Do Parkour

In this game, you have to do parkour to escape the dreamy world. You can run, jump, do tricks in the air. But keep one thing in mind that this is not your regular character with which you will run and jump. The character that you will have is jelly-like and it will be hard to operate.

Multiplayer Playing

The game also has a multiplayer game mode. In this mode, you can create a room and invite your friends and go on an adventure on a bigger map. There you can make combine strategies and work in teams to overcome and solve all the puzzles.

Character Laboratory

This game also has a character lab where you can make different characters for yourself. You can choose the lower-body design and the upper body design. Moreover, you can add different skills to your character and add astonishing colors.


Human Fall Flat
Human Fall Flat

If you want to play a unique game then you should download the Human Fall Flat Apk. The game is very colorful and full of amazing places. Along with that you can solve different puzzles and explore different areas. You can play it with your friends so recommend this game to your friends also.

What's new

  • New levels are added
  • Science lab
  • Master the majesty of magnetism
  • Updated to the latest version

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