Idle Army Base MOD APK 1.25 (Unlimited Money, Gems and Stars)

Idle Army Base MOD APK 1.25 (Unlimited Money, Gems and Stars)


Expand your military base by recruiting soldiers and completing challenges, Train your soldiers and increase their strength. Make your soldiers unbeatable by making them stronger, faster and better. Complete fun activites and earn rewards.
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Idle Army Base is developed by Neon Play. It was released in 2020. Idle Army Base is an amazing casual game in which you can enjoy army life like never before. In this game, you run a military base and have access to various types of tasks.

Immerse yourself in a world of fantastic army experiences. This game offers tons of fun activities and you will find yourself hooked on the game. It is so easy to become addicted to this game because of the fun you have while playing this game.

Idle Army Base is not only a casual game but also a simulation game. You feel like you are living an alternate life when you play this game. For gamers who love playing army games, this game is highly recommended. It is your duty to increase the power of your military base by training your soldiers.

You have a lot of soldiers under your command and they follow your orders. You must prepare them for battles ahead by guiding them. Increase their strength and make them better under your strict command.

Enhance your gameplay experience by downloading the Idle Army Base Mod Apk and enjoy an ad-free experience and unlimited money. Live your life as a soldier in this game and have a refreshing and fun experience. Just like Idle Arks MOD APK this game is so much fun.


Features of Idle Army Base:

  • Obstacle Course: Train your troops to the extreme with the obstacle course. Order them to climb through the large walls, do weight training and go through other difficult obstacles to increase their endurance and strengthen them. Make them faster and better.
  • Heavy Machine Gun: To win battles ahead, your soldier must know how to use all types of weapons. Enjoy the powerful machine guns and train your troops to make the most out of weapons and work on their aims.
  • Heavy Artillery and Explosive: Are you a big fan of explosives? Your military camp also has marvelous explosive weapons. Create big explosives, earn money and have fun.
  • Jungle Warfare: Make your troops capable of fighting in the depth of jungles. Fight in the thick jungles to earn rewards. If you want your soldiers to be the best, you must train them in every situation.
  • Naval Warfare: Teach your troops to fight underwater. Your troops should be aware of the tactics of underwater battles. Allow them to win epic sea battles and with massive boats and earn coins.
  • Urban Warfare: Complete difficult challenges by ordering your troops to fight in urban conditions. Win combats and tough training programs to earn bonuses.
  • Chemical Warfare: Put on your gas mask and go to war. In this game, chemical gases cause a lot of damage to the enemy.
  • Arctic Warfare: Learn the art of surviving in extreme snowy weather conditions. Your soldiers must be trained to fight in freezing cold weather and in every intense situation to win battles. Enhance their ability to withstand cold temperatures.
  • Desert Warfare: Training in extremely hot weather and burning sands will make your soldiers unbeatable. Fight the enemy in the desert and earn rewards.


Bus Stop:

At the start, the rookies will volunteer at your camp through the bus stop. The bus stop must be upgraded to increase the two most important things. The first is bus frequency, which is time for recruits to enlist. The second is, bus seats, more recruits will be able to ride in the bus if you have more bus seats. You can keep upgrading these two things if you have money.

Entrance Gates:

The rookies enter the base through the entrance gates. They have to wait to receive uniforms and other important equipment at the gates. In the start, the waiting time is 12s but you can reduce this time through upgrades. If your waiting time is reduced, you can enlist rookies faster.

Exercise Yard:

Rookies come to practice in the exercise yard. There is a limit to how many rookies can practice in the exercise yard at one time. You can upgrade it by earning money and then more rookies will be able to exercise.

Your troops must stay in shape by doing push-ups, pull-ups, star jumps, and more. Also, teach them different tactics of fighting and winning the battle. Make them work as a team. Whenever your troops complete an activity, you will earn some money.

Use that money to improve your military camp and expand it. You can build facilities to store weapons if you have more money. More troops will volunteer if you have a better and bigger military camp. The power of your military base depends upon the number of troops you have.

The more troops you have, the stronger your military camp will be and it will be easy to win battles and earn money. Soldiers who perform well will be promoted to the higher ranks. You can also unlock new areas to train. More volunteers will be able to train if you have more areas unlocked.


Idle Army Base Mod Apk:

Idle Army Base Mod Apk gives you a better gaming experience by providing you gameplay with no ads. You can enjoy the game with unlimited features, unlimited money, and gems, and if ads bother you then you can enjoy ads free game. It is free to download.


Question 1: Is Army Base offline?

Answer: It is both, online and offline.

Question 2: Can you prestige in Idle Army?

Answer: No, you can’t prestige in this game.

Question 3: Is Idle Army Base Mod Apk safe to download?

Answer: Yes, it is completely safe to download Idle Army Base Mod Apk.



If you are curious about army life and also want to enjoy the game then this game is a nice choice for you. The controls of this game are very simple and easy. You can manage your troops with ease and can see what’s going on in any section of your camp.

This game gives amazing audio effects. The effects do not sound fake, they sound very real. Idle Army Base Mod Apk is completely free to download and will make your gaming experience 2x better.

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