Download Idle Military Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Stars)

Download Idle Military Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Stars)


As its name suggests that Idle military is an action game where you have to build your army and fight against your enemies.
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4 May 2022
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Some games require you to put in a lot of effort while you play, others are idle games that require very minimal effort from you. Even though these games require very little effort from you, they are equally enjoyable, and in most cases, they are fun to play as compared to all the other games that are available in the market. So Idle Military MOD APK is also an idle-style game available to be played on smartphones.

The Idle Military is a game just like Idle Army Base where you can build and gather your army and make them fight against the evil tyrants. The game has the philosophy of idle games and you will not be putting too much effort into the game while you play.

You just have to manage things and make the best strategy out of your mind. And implement it, all the other tasks of the fighting and all other work will be carried out automatically. This makes the game very interesting as you can play the game even if you are busy or got some free time in the office, the game is there for you to be played.

Now the Idle Military MOD APK is available in both online and offline playing modes. Moreover, you have the freedom to shape your kingdom in the way you want it to be. You decide what happens on your lands and you are your boss.


Idle Military
Idle Military

When you talk about the gameplay of the Idle Military MOD APK then the game is very relaxing to play and requires you to put in a minimal amount of effort while playing the game. The game is based on fighting and battling along with your army and also making and expanding your state.

If you love military fighting games, then this is the best game for you. You can gather an army of your soldiers and train them in many ways. Different sorts of troops can be unlocked. You can also attack and fight with the evil tyrants and siege their land and expand the territories of your land.

Apart from training and upgrading your army, throughout the game you will unlock many other different items. Weapons are among those items. You can unlock different sorts of cool weapons in the game.

As with time, your army will grow and your kingdom’s population will also increase. They will be needing more food and more buildings to carry out a happy life, so for that reason, you have to expand your lands. You can do this by conquering the unlimited amount of land in the game with your well-equipped army.


idle military mod apk
idle military mod apk

The features of the Idle Military MOD APK are discussed below.

Minimum effort required

As the name suggests, the game is an idle game so you have to put in a minimum amount of effort while you play. You do not have to fight all by yourself. Rather you have the duty to manage things and train your people. All the other work that you ask them to do will be carried out automatically. You can interfere when you like.

Unlock armies

In the game, you can unlock different sorts of armies and troops, with added strength. You can also train them in the training areas and make them even stronger.

Unlock weapons

The army is nothing without the latest weapons. So to make your army fight well in the battles, the game provides you the chance to unlock different sorts of weapons. You can unlock weapons at different points and levels of the game.

Conquer Many lands

To accommodate your people, and get a higher amount of resources, you need to expand your territories. So for that reason, you can conquer many different types of lands with your army.


If you have a taste of military war games, then this Idle Military MOD APK is an optimum choice for you to play. There are different things already unlocked in the game for you so you can play the game uninterrupted with the modded version.

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