Landlord Go Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) 2022

Landlord Go Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) 2022


Landlord Go Business Simulator is all about real estate. Here you can practice and enjoy the real estate business and can learn it without spending real money.
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24 August 2022
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Bored of playing the old-school board games? Want to try some new that can improve your business skills? If yes then download the Landlord Go Mod Apk. It is a real-time augmented reality trading game where you can become a business tycoon by investing in properties. Get unlimited money free from

Landlord Go Mod Apk
Landlord Go Mod Apk

The Landlord Go Mod Apk is a game of real estate. Here is a chance to become the best real estate tycoon in the world. You have the whole world to conquer.

As the game is based on augmented reality so all the buildings in the game are real buildings of real places. You just have to turn on your GPS and set the geolocation.

You can buy any property you want from your neighborhood and as well as properties if other countries as well.

Afterward, whenever anyone checks in to your property you can collect rent from them and earn some handsome amount of money that will go into your game bank account.

You can invest in some properties, collect rent from them and later you can auction and sell them to other players in the game to earn more money.

Building a portfolio is important in the game as it increases your chances of growth. The Landlord Go Mod Apk will allow you to build your real estate empire and you can acquire some of the most famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal, buildings in times square, the Eiffel tower, etc.


Landlord Go Mod Apk
Landlord Go Mod Apk

The game Landlord Go Mod Apk is based on AR. All the locations and buildings are from the real world which depends on your geolocation. You can buy smaller buildings from your neighborhood and collect rent from them. Later when you have some money and a good portfolio, you can move to the next stage which is buying some big landmarks of the country and the whole world.

The auction system is also great here in this game. It allows you to buy the property that is already been acquired by someone else. The highest bidder takes away the property and can invest in that. The prices are all real so it is also a beat opportunity for you to learn about the real estate business.


Landlord Go
Landlord Go

The features of the Landlord Go Mod Apk are given below.

Augmented Reality Game

The game is based on AR technology. So all the locations of this game are real. These locations and buildings all depend upon the GPS and your geolocation. So you can see your neighborhood in the game after turning your geolocation.

Buy And Sell Properties

The game allows you to buy different properties. Initially, you can start by buying small houses and shopping and once you get used to the strategies and have a good amount of money in your game’s bank account, you can then go on to buy bigger buildings.

Collect Rent

Once you have a property under your belt, you can then collect rent from it. Anyone who visits or checks in to your property has to pay rent and that money will go straight to your game’s bank account.

Auction And Bid

If you wish to sell your property to anyone in the game you can put that for auction. Other players will bid on that and you can sell that property to the highest bidder. Similarly, if you want property owned by any player in the game, you can bid for it.

Business Learning Game

This game is a great way to learn the business. All the buildings and their prices are real so you can learn how to trade and buy and sell in the real estate business.

Rent out

As we have mentioned above that you can rent out your property a swell. For this, you have to build houses and buildings so that you can earn more money from this rent and can buy further properity as well.


This Landlord Go Mod Apk is one of its kind of a game. Here not only you will enjoy yourself but you can also learn many new things and business strategies. Your real estate empire is waiting for you so don’t wait and download the game now.

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  • New trends screen added now
  • UI changes
  • Added paperwork section
  • AR Beta version of android
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  • Crash Fixed

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