Life is Strange MOD APK + OBB 1.00.310 Download (Unlocked)

Life is Strange MOD APK + OBB Download (Unlocked)


Life is Strange is a game with incredible story, and the gameplay is effected by the choices you make. Play the five awesome episodes and have a great time. Based on the choices you make, you can enjoy multiple endings.
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Are you a fan of story-based adventure games? If yes, then you will absolutely, without any doubt, fall in love with this epic adventure game. Life is Strange is developed by Square Enix LTD and was released in 2015.

Although it has been six years since this game was developed, still you can enjoy this awesome game. This game has a lot of awesome features for the player to enjoy, and the best feature is the astounding story.

This game is so much fun, but download Life is Strange MOD APK to have an even greater gameplay experience by enjoying unlimited features.



  • Be amused by the astonishing story.
  • Play five incredible story missions.
  • Enjoy different endings according to the choices you make.
  • Be a Time Traveler.
  • You will love the extraordinary soundtrack.
  • Enjoy awe-inspiring graphics.


The story of this game is what makes this game special. You play as a girl named Maxine Caulfield and nicknamed “Max” who is an 18-year-old photographer. She realizes that she has the ability to time travel when she saves her childhood best friend Chloe Price from Nathan Prescott.

Using her power, she must protect her friends and the people of Arcadia Bay. Max is very smart and intelligent, and loves watching cult movies and anime. She is also very kind, loving, brave, and an introvert.

Ever since she was a kid, she wanted to be a photographer and she prefers old school cameras rather than the new advanced cameras. She loves to take her selfies. To study photography at Blackwell Academy, she comes back to her childhood home.

She really likes to fantasize about going on adventures with her childhood friend Chloe Price. She also knows how to play guitar and sometimes plays it when she is bored. She plays guitar with her right hand.

At the start of the game, Max finds herself in the middle of nowhere and is petrified by the storm. She sees a giant tornado that lifts a boat and hits the watchtower. Max becomes terrified when she sees the watchtower falling down at her.

Then after a few minutes, she wakes up and realizes that she was in the classroom and it was just a bad vivid dream. The gameplay and controls of this game are very easy and simple. Swipe on the screen to look around.

Tap anywhere on the screen to move. You can also adjust the sensitivity according to your taste and can invert the camera’s y-axis. The gameplay is mostly exploration, and you discovering things.

You can enjoy beautiful environments and places. Engage in conversation with a lot of different characters and enjoy talking to them, choose your own dialogue choices, and complete the missions.

You will come across a lot of scenarios in which your actions will impact the events in the future. If you don’t like the conversation with someone, you can simply rewind time and choose different dialogue options.


You can enjoy different endings this way, and you will never ever get bored. While having a conversation with others, you get a very realistic experience because you can ask people so many different types of questions.

You can ask them personal questions if you want to, or you can avoid them; it’s your choice. If you wanna be rude to them and behave badly, go ahead, and if you like, you can also behave kindly to them.

Play five story missions and have a great time. This game is such a wonderful experience. The graphics are awesome, everything is detailed, and the soundtrack makes the gameplay more fun and enjoyable.

Life is Strange MOD APK (All Episodes Unlocked):

If you wanna enjoy all the episodes, download Life is Strange MOD APK. By downloading the modded version, you will get all the episodes unlocked, and you can play them and have a great time.

After the first episode, you will have to buy the next episodes, but with the modded version, you will get these episodes for free. So, download the modded version and play without any worry.


How many episodes are in Life is Strange?

There are a total of five episodes in this game.

How old is Max in Life is Strange?

She is 18 years old.

Who is Mark Jefferson in Life is Strange?

He is a photography teacher at Blackwell Academy.

What are the Life is Strange android requirements?

You need Android 7.0 or up, min 2GB Ram, and a 64 bit ARM processor.

Is Life is Strange MOD APK safe to download?

Yes, download this virus-free Life is Strange MOD APK without any worry.



This game will make you completely get hooked to it from the start because the story never gets boring. Even from the start, the story is very interesting. Explore different beautiful places, meet people.

Choose the dialogues of your choice and see the outcomes. For players, who love story-based and mysterious games, this game is a perfect choice. So, download Life is Strange MOD APK and have a great time.

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