LONEWOLF MOD APK 1.2.94 (Premium, Unlimited Everything) 2021

LONEWOLF MOD APK 1.2.94 (Premium, Unlimited Everything) 2021


LONEWOLF is an epic sniper action game. You are a trained assassin and you work for the Assembly. Enjoy the amazing story and get the intense experience. Select from various different weapons. Play this amazing game right now.
4.6/5 Votes: 446,903
FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
8 December 2021
Android 5.0 and up
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LONEWOLF is an intense sniper action game. It is an adventure game developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG and it has an average rating of 4.6 in google play store due to its awesome gameplay.

It has become a hugely popular game because of its extraordinary features. The story is fascinating. You are an assassin, and you work for a secret criminal organization called “The Assembly”.

The gameplay is so addicting. Do you want to enjoy an even greater gameplay experience? Download LONEWOLF MOD APK and enjoy unlimited features like unlimited money, all missions unlocked, and unlimited everything.



The easy and simple gameplay makes this game more interesting. Choose your weapon, aim, and shoot. Swipe to set your aim, and then tap the bullet icon to shoot. Zoom in and zoom out to see clearly.

To increase the accuracy, you can use slow motion. In slow motion, the world around you will slow down, and you will be able to aim and shoot easier. You get to choose from a lot of weapons in this game.

Pistols, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Bombs, choose whatever you want. You can also use your hands to kill the enemies. The length of the story mode is five-plus hours, and it is very thrilling.

At first, when the game starts, you will play a tutorial mode. Learn the controls, aim, and shoot the man in the blue shirt. After that, you will meet Mando’s right-hand man “Madman” in an isolated and dark place right above the river.

Mando is the leader of the secret criminal organization “The Assembly”, and Madman says that he doesn’t meet new people in the dark. In the first mission, you will have to eliminate the legal assistant of a lawyer named Richard Carter.

Midman says that Lawyers are a threat to the Assembly, and this specific lawyer Richard Carter is a major problem. So, as an assassin, your job is to kill the legal assistant in the Planet Cafe for the safety of the Assembly.

After you kill him, Midman tells you that Mando is not fully satisfied with the kill because he thinks that police might find some evidence. The protagonist ensures that the hit was perfect and police won’t find any evidence, and he did a perfect job.

He fails to convince the Midman and says that he is leaving. To prove to the Assembly that he is a trained and skilled assassin, the protagonist finds and kills the lawyer Richard Carter. He impresses the Assembly and gains their trust.


After that, he is hired again by the Assembly and kills the targets for them. At the start of each mission, you will be briefed by Midman about the targets and their locations. Each mission has a unique story.

Select the weapon of your choice. If you are killing a lot of enemies, don’t select sniper; select a pistol or an assault rifle. Kill your enemies as fast as you can and as accurately as possible to earn rewards.

The gunshot sounds, recoil of the weapon, and the kill effects are amazing. You get a very realistic feeling when you shoot an enemy. You can also play mini-games in this game and test your skills.

The exciting soundtrack makes the gameplay experience more amazing. While enjoying the story and gameplay, the music creates a very thrilling environment and makes the player ready for the fight.

Just like Genshin Impact MOD APK, this game is one of a kind.

Main Features

  • Play as a deadly assassin.
  • Choose from more than twenty different weapons.
  • Practice your aim in the shooting range.
  • Be amused by the exceptional story mode.
  • A lot of mini-games to play.
  • Enjoy realistic cutscenes.
  • Shoot weapons and enjoy realistic sound effects.
  • Be entertained by thrilling features.

LONEWOLF MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)

This game is superb, but of course, with the LONEWOLF MOD APK version, this game is a much better experience. LONEWOLF MOD APK gives you more pleasure by giving you premium features, unlimited money, and all levels unlocked.

With unlimited money, buy any weapon you desire. Buy any pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle, or bomb that you like and kill your enemies. All levels are unlocked in the modded version. Play any level you desire.

So, without further ado, download LONEWOLF MOD APK right away, and enjoy the awesome features.


Is LONEWOLF offline game?

Yes, it’s an offline game.

How do I kill Redface without alarms?

Be quick and shoot the two monitors to the left and right of the Redface before he makes the emergency call and then kills Redface.

Is LONEWOLF MOD APK safe to install?

Yes, don’t worry about any kind of virus. LONEWOLF MOD APK is safe to install.



Are you a fan of sniper adventure games? If yes, then this game is for you. This game should definitely be on your list of top adventure games because of how amazing this game is. It never lets the player get bored.

Once you play it for a few minutes, you completely get hooked because of its unique features. Play as a deadly assassin and kill the enemies. Be quick and aim with accuracy. LONEWOLF Sniper Game will make you an addict for sure.

Enjoy the amazing characters, and have fun. Enjoy unlimited features by downloading LONEWOLF MOD APK.

What's new

Many optimisations and bug fixes to enhance your gaming experience



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