Download Lumber Inc Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)

Download Lumber Inc Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)


Lumber Ince is a game that is all about plants. You can grow and manage different kinds of plants. Grow them and take care of them. Available for android users.
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21 September 2022
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Trees are very important to our planet. They are a vital source of oxygen. Apart from that tress are used in several things today. A variety of products today are created using trees. The Lumber Inc Mod Apk is a game in which you can become a tycoon of lumber. Here in this mod, you will get unlimited money and gems for free.

The Lumber Inc is a simulation game where you have to deal with trees and wood. Just like Incridible Jack. The game begins with you having a very tiny sawmill. From there you work on wood and work hard. As you play the game more, you can expand and upgrade your factory and export your goods to become a lumber tycoon.

To become a tycoon you have to grow more trees and also expand your land. You can hire tree planters so that they can take care of your trees. You can also acquire more land to grow more trees and obtain more wood.

When you are done working on your wood supply, you can install many factories where you can work on the wood and produce all different sorts of lumber products. As your work includes mainly transportation of wood and other goods from one place to another, so for that reason you can use different vehicles and upgrade them to increase your capacities in the Lumber Inc Mod Apk.


Lumber Inc
Lumber Inc

The Lumber Inc Mod Apk starts with you having minimal resources. First, you have to hire some employees. There are tree planters who will plant and take care of your trees. Then there will be drivers who will take care of the transportation. At last, you will have factory workers who will process the wood and make products.

In the game, you have to make products with your wood and export them. In this gameplay, you can upgrade your factories and install new machinery so that you can produce different products. All the things that you do in this game will give you money that you can invest in your business.


Lumber Inc Mod Apk
Lumber Inc Mod Apk

The features of the Lumber Inc Mod Apk are given below.

Build A Lumber Empire

This game allows you to make your lumber empire and become the tycoon of lumber. For this reason, you need to work with wood and become the best manufacturer and exporter of lumber products.

Plant Trees

 Lumber Inc
Lumber Inc

To make you sustainable you need to have your supply of wood so for that reason you can plant more trees. These trees can be planted with the help of tree planters whom you can hire and give the task of planting trees for yourself.

Build Lumber Products

In this game, you can set up different small and large factories where you can hire workers who will take care of the production of different products from the woods. You make all different types of products in your factories.

Drive Vehicles

This game has different vehicles that you can use. Mainly your work will include transportation of wood from your lands to your factories and after that, you will need to transport goods from factories to the market. So to work efficiently and increase your capacity, you can upgrade your vehicles in different forms.

Hire People

If you want to work on a larger scale and want to produce a large number of products, you need to hire different people for different tasks. Each person you hire will increase your productivity so it is a good choice to have a strong army of people working under you.


You can easily upgrade your vehicles and other things from time to time. All you need is money for it. And more amazingly we are providing unlimited money for our users to use it and upgrade things.


One of the coolest things about Lumber Inc is its graphics. It has realy nice graphics and the graphics of lumber Inc will compel you to play this game again and again. You will become addicted to this game.

Increase Business

The more productive work you do the more sales will be generated and ultimately the more business you do. Increase your production so that you can expand your business to a large scale.


If we talk about the graphics of Lumber Inc. They are easy to use. Everything is clearly mentioned on the front screen. Morover you will get setting options to make things accordingly.

What’s New?

  • Now you can build our own village
  • You can build your own workshop
  • New Manager
  • New Currency
  • upgrade the trucks
  • load with luggage and much more.
  • Updated to the latest version 1.4.10
  • Technical Improvements
  • Bugs fixes.

Watch Video How To Play Lumber Inc

For newbies or people who have no idea how to play this game. We have a video tutorial that will be helpful for them. Just follow the video given below.


Q: How I can download the mod version of Lumber Inc?

Ans: Downloading the lumber Inc mod is very easy. All you need is to download its mod apk from and directly install it on your android device.

Q: Is it safe to download the mod version of Lumber Inc?

Ans: Yes, it’s completely safe to download its mod version but only from trusted websites like That provides a virus-free mod apk.

Q: Is Lumber Inc available for IOS devices.

Ans: Well, there is no mod version available for IOS devices but you can download this game directly from the apple store


Lumber Inc
Lumber Inc

The Lumber Inc Mod Apk is the best game if you want to work with wood products and trees. There are a lot of interesting features in the game. Apart from that, the graphics are very colorful and you will enjoy yourself while playing the game. If you love playing this type of casual game then this is the game you must try it. Its graphics will definitely compel you to play it again and again.

What's new

  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Expand village
  • New Manager
  • New Currency
  • New Blueprints
  • More improvements
  • Evelyn is now more useful
  • Meet Mr Bill Mark

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