Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money, Gems) Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money, Gems)

2.1.25 is an action game where you can choose your favorite hero and can fight on different locations with different type of weapons
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18 June 2022
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Games are fun. They provide us a chance to run away from our busy hectic lives and have a moment of joy. We cover new games for your every day so that you get the latest and new games every day. Today the game we will tell you about is the Mod Apk. A multiplayer magic game where you will not find anything except magic.

This game is for those who love magic and fantasy things. The game is all about magic and mages. Here you will fight not with weapons and combat skills, but with your elemental magic powers.

You can summon and fight with your enemies using some magic spells. The whole design of the game from characters to the environment is box styled, just like that of the Minecraft game.

The game has a lot of different characters that you can choose from. You can try all of the characters and see which one suits you the best as all of the characters are very much different from each other, both in terms of power and the type of magic they use.

The game can be played in the online mode in a battle royale style where instead of hiding and fighting with weapons, you have to use the magic of your character.

You can also play the game in the offline mode where you will be able to play on 12 different maps, and each map is a different game mode in itself. So a great game of magic in the form of Mod Apk is waiting for you if you are a fan of these types of games.

Gameplay Mod Apk Mod Apk

The controls of the Mod Apk are very simple like You have a huge joystick on the screen to control your character and a big button to attack. This is all it takes to play the whole game.

Apart from the simple controls, the game is hard and competitive. You have 3 elemental powers in the form of air, water, and fire. You can mix them to give rise to a very rare and powerful magic spell.


The features of the Mod Apk are given in the below section.

Mage Characters

The mages in this game are your characters. They have different elemental powers. Each character has its unique style of magic it uses. Your best way to play is to look at which character is suitable by trying all of them and once you find that mage, you can stick with it and invest your time and resources in it to make it better.

Map And Modes

When you play the game in offline mode, you have different maps having a total quantity of 12. Each map in this game is not only a map rather each map is a separate game mode due to its playing conditions and criteria. So try all of them.

Magic Battle Royale

The game also features a battle royale mode. Here all of the game workings are the same as that of any battle royale game. The only difference that you will face is the fighting style and weapons. There are no weapons or combat fight styles. The only way to play the game is by casting a magic spell on your enemies and attacking them with the elemental magic that you have.

Mage’s Main Weapon

Each character is associated with a special weapon. That special weapon increases the power and magic of your mage. So try to find the weapon of your mage and equip it with that weapon to get the maximum power of your mage. Here you will get more weapons in the Cyberika game.


The game Mod Apk is for all of those people who love magical spells. The Minecraft-style game display and graphics make this game even better. So download the game and invite your friends to have some fun while doing some in-game magic.

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