Major Mayhem MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems) Latest 2021

Major Mayhem MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gems) Latest 2021


Are you ready to play an absolutely amazing action game? Play Major Mayhem and enjoy fighting and shooting in a unique way. Play as a fantastic character Major Mayhem. Choose from so many game modes and never get bored.
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Do you want to play an absolutely amazing action game? Play Major Mayhem and enjoy shooting and fighting. Major Mayhem is developed by [adult swim] games and released in 2011. Despite being very old, it still looks new.

Just like Mini Militia which was also released in 2011, this game still has amazing features that never bore the player. You can have truly a great time while playing this game. You will become an addict to this game in no time.

Do you want to enjoy Major Mayhem even more than it already is? If yes, then play Major Mayhem MOD APK. You will get additional benefits like unlimited money, unlimited coins, unlimited gems, unlock all weapons in this latest version 2021.


  • Enjoy epic combat and action.
  • Play as a powerful hero Major Mayhem.
  • Kill soldiers and ninjas and have fun.
  • Be entertained by beautiful places and sceneries.
  • Get a very unique shooting experience.
  • Hide behind the cover.
  • Dodge the attacks of your enemies.
  • Kill enemies with headshots for more points.
  • Learn very easy and simple controls.
  • Select your best gun and defeat all bosses.


Major Mayhem gives a very fulfilling gaming experience. With easy and simple controls, the player can easily enjoy the gameplay without putting any effort into learning the controls. Easy controls make the games more entertaining to play.

Hide behind cover and tap on your enemies to shoot. Your enemies will also hide behind cover so shoot only when they are exposed. Don’t get hit by your enemies. They will throw blades at you. Do your best to dodge them.

Your hero will automatically take cover if you stop shooting. Be quick and try your best to shoot your enemies in their heads. Make headshot streaks by shooting multiple enemies in the head in a row without missing.

You will get coins by killing enemies. Coins are important to buy various weapons and items in this game. They are the in-game currency. So, kill all enemies and earn as many coins as you can and become rich.

Save hostages as well. The poor hostages have no hope. Major Mayhem is the only one who can save them from the cruel ninjas. Each mission has specific objectives. If you complete all of these objectives, the mission will be completed.

Completing missions will give you scores and also grant you coins. You can play different game modes in this game. The CLASSIC game mode is unlocked from the start. TIMEBOMB requires 219 kills to unlock. ARCADE requires 469 kills and SURVIVAL requires 969 kills.

You just need kills to unlock game modes. Keep killing your enemies and increase your total kill count. Each game mode gives a different gameplay experience. Let’s talk about the graphics of this game. They are absolutely stunning.

Everything is so clear and detailed. The characters, environments, places, maps, trees, characters, effects, everything is so perfect. The animations are perfect as well. It is so much fun to kill enemies in this game and enjoy the special effects.

Play free online game of offline, it’s your choice. Select your favorite costume and play all levels.

Major Mayhem MOD APK (Unlimited Money):

Do you want to enjoy this game even more than it already is? Play Major Mayhem MOD APK and enjoy unlimited everything, unlimited energy, and unlimited diamond. These extra features make the gameplay very easy.

For players who want challenging gameplay, and who are hardcore gamers, the original version without any cheats or hacks is better for them. But players who love to play games on easy difficulties, Major Mayhem MOD APK is for them.

You can have truly a great time while enjoy this modded version. It depends on you what type of playstyle you want.  You will also get all weapons unlocked in this version. All weapons from the start of the game are available.

Get easy coins in this hack mod apk. It is not the old version but the new version. Major Mayhem MOD APK is completely free to download. No need to spend even a single dollar to download and play this game.


Is Major Mayhem for iOS?

Yes, this game is available for iPhone as well.

Is root required to play this game?

No root required.

Is Major Mayhem safe to download?

Yes, this hack download is completely safe.

When was Major Mayhem released?

It was released in 2011.


If you like playing action games, or shooting games, then this game is for you. It should definitely be included in your list of top action games. This game has so much potential and so much to offer. You will know it only when you play it.

It can make anyone an addict to its gameplay. So, what are you waiting for? Free Download Major Mayhem MOD APK 2021. Also, check out this epic game, Zombie Age 3 MOD APK.

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