Download Masala Express Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022

Download Masala Express Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2021


Masala Expres is a cooking game that allows you to cook your favorite dishes and serve them in a unique style. Also, you can organize and manage your kitchen in different ways.
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13 November 2021
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Masala Express Mod Apk belongs to the Games category and is produced by CYMPL. Users can download this game if they have Android 4.3 and posterior versions, and they can do so in English. In this game, you can prepare a variety of dishes for yourself and your friends just like Bakery Empire

To earn maximum points, you must complete the entire cooking process within a limited period. Chefs can choose from various ingredients to prepare different dishes by clicking on them and then following all the instructions to make them.

The timer does not have to run out; click once the timer has expired. A recipe for each dish can be chosen to start cooking and the ingredients needed to prepare it.

In this free addictive cooking game, help them realize their dreams! There is more to this game than just cooking. It is a funny, emotional, crazy adventure of believing in dreams and making them come true.

We all harbor a crazy chef buried inside us. This master chef brings out his best at Masala Express Mod Apk and prepares the most delicious Indian dishes. You will also have to manage your kitchen and feed your customers. Serve these tasty Indian dishes hot and quick to attract customers!


Masala Express Mod Apk
Masala Express Mod Apk
  • Server Food
  • Cooking
  • Upgrade and improve your kitchen.
  • Multi-cuisine restaurant experience
  • Some customers experienced relief
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature

Serve Food

The food can even be decorated when served to customers. Decorate your food so that it astonishes your customers and makes you feel good. You can showcase your decorations to the world.


Cooking is a difficult skill to master initially, but this application could help you gain experience. This game prevents you from wasting food and money. The better you get at cooking, the more you can do it in real life.

Improve your kitchen.

masala express
masala express

Why keep your customers waiting for food when you’re slow? Upgrade your restaurant’s appliances with your profits! Improve your food preparation with a fancy station.

Keep your customers happy with new décors that will make them stay for a longer period. Increase your profit with higher-quality food items!

Multi-Cuisine Dining Experience

In addition to playing hundreds of levels, you can prepare and serve several cuisines and other items to eat. While each cuisine presents different challenges, we’re sure your crazy inner chef is ready to take on these challenges.

Unlocked All Premium Feature

By spending money, you get access to a lot of ingredients and other resources. There are no limits to how many gems you can have in this Masala Express Mod Apk. These unlimited gems can be used for chiefs making fantastic dishes.

Some Customers Experienced Relief

Play hundreds of levels and prepare dishes that will give you many other delicacies like south delicacies, Coastal delights, and Indochina delights. The insane interior chef understands that each dish comes with its challenges, but we feel confident that you are exposed to the same.

Chops prepare various foods, including tandoor, curries, dosas, appams, lamb, fish, noodles, and a variety of other dishes.


Cooking enthusiasts will enjoy making different dishes with Masala Express Mod Apk. This game application is suitable for all cooking levels, whether you are a novice or an expert. It contains unlimited money in the mod version. With this money, you may access additional features.

What's new

The game has been optimized

Minor bugs have been fixed

Interface Improved

Updated to 2.2.9



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