Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk (Free Download) 2023

Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk (Free Download) 2023


Minibus Simulator Vietnam is a simulation game where you can drive your bus on the beautiful roads and cities of Veitnam. This game is totally free to download for android users
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2 January 2023
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There are a lot of driving games available on the Google play store. Some are racing games, where you can take part in high-speed thrilling races. Another is the simulation game where you role-play a driver and work daily completing the tasks. The Minibus simulator Vietnam mod apk is also a driving simulation game mainly focusing on the bus driving genre. You can download free from here.

Different sorts of games are now being released for smartphones in the simulation category. As simulation games allow you to role-play as a character and do daily work and tasks, these types of games are very popular among the audience. There is so much variety for people who love cars and driving. A game of every sort is available.

The Minibus simulator Vietnam is a driving game where you can drive your minibus on the vast, beautiful roads of Vietnam just like Car Simulator Vietnam. You have different types of minibusses from real-life companies.

You can also freely customize your minibus in the way you want. The tires, rims, colors, and many more things are available to freely customize your bus and turn it into the road queen.


minibus simulator vietnam mod apk
minibus simulator vietnam mod apk

If you want to drive a minibus and that too on the roads of Vietnam then don’t worry, the Minibus simulator Vietnam mod apk is the perfect game for you.

You can have a real experience of what it is like to drive on the roads of Vietnam. Talking about the gameplay of the game, then it is very easy to get used to.

You are a bus driver who drives the minibus on the busy roads of the city. Your goal is to pick up the passengers from one stop and drop them off at the other station which is their destination.

If you successfully perform this driving task, on each successful journey o the passenger you will get coins and XP.

The coins are useful to buy gas and also upgrade your vehicle and unlock other perks. You can also unlock the best and high-performing mini buses that are locked initially.

Talking about the customization of the vehicle you own, and then you have plenty of options regarding that. You can upgrade the whole vehicle or a part of it. The wheels, skins, colors, etc are customizable along with the performance of the bus.


Minibus Simulator Vietnam
Minibus Simulator Vietnam

The Minibus simulator Vietnam has all the best features that a bus-driving simulator game possibly can have.

Realistic Gameplay

The gameplay of the minibus is very realistic. You get close to real roads to drive on, that are based in Vietnam. The environment is the same as that of that country. The buses that you drive are also real bus models of real companies, along with the driving style which also gives you the feel of as if you are driving a real bus on a real road.

Transport passengers

Minibus Simulator Vietnam
Minibus Simulator Vietnam

The main aim of this game is that you have to transport the passengers from one point to another just like you do in Indian Bus Simulator. Passengers are likely to stand on the bus stands and you have to pick them up from there, then on the map, you have the destination area where they want to go and you can drop them there to complete your job.

Earn coins and Xps

When you complete a ride with a passenger, the passengers give you coins in return for that, and also some XP is given to you. This XP will help you to increase your rank, while the coins are used to buy several things.


As the name of the game suggests that here you can only explore the roads and tracks of the city of Vietnam. Thus if you like this city then the game may become more interesting for you.

Viewing Angles

To drive your bus more accurately and more comfortably the developer of this game has given many camera angles. Thus you can use any of them and can switch from to time without any issues.

Take Passenger

The Gameplay of this game is similar to any conventional bus game. Likewise, you will have to take the passengers from bus stops and drop them at their destinations. This is the way you can earn more EXP.

Customize Buss

If you are a driver then you must be loving customizing your buss. This game allows you to customize the bus completely. From changing color to design etc.

What’s New?

Minibus Simulator Vietnam Graphics
Minibus Simulator Vietnam Graphics
  • The Game is updated to the latest version  2.1.9
  • No more crash issues
  • Fewer Bugs fixed
  • Nothing special changed in this update.

Watch Video To Learn About this game.


If you want to have a real-life driving experience on the beautiful roads of Vietnam then you must download the Minibus simulator Vietnam mod apk. It has some really nice graphics and busses controls.

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