Pacific Rim Breach Wars Mod Apk (Unlimited Platinum) 2024

Pacific Rim Breach Wars Mod Apk (Unlimited Platinum) 2024


Pacific Rim Breach Wars is a role-playing game where you have different weapons available. You can choose your favorite character that can fight batter.
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15 February 2024
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There would hardly be a person who is not familiar with the Transformers. A series all about robots and fighting machines. So if you are into robots and like arcade action games, this Pacific Rim Breach Wars Mod Apk is the game I would personally like to recommend to all of you.

So what is this game all about? The Pacific Rim Breach Wars is all about robot fights. Here you as a player can indulge yourself in some quick and intense fights between the robots.

There is a Kaiju Monster who is ultimately a robot. He is on a mission to destroy the whole world with his army. You will be playing against his machines and will try to defeat him.

This game is a mix of many game genres. Here you will have gameplay of a matching 3-row puzzle. Yes, you heard it right. You have to solve different puzzles by matching different items on the puzzle board.

On each successful match, your fighter robot will fire a move. There are many fighter robots that you can get in this Pacific Rim Breach Wars Mod Apk. All of them are extremely powerful but cost some money. This money can be earned by collecting different items from the puzzle board during the game and also completing the robotic tasks.


Pacific Rim Breach Wars
Pacific Rim Breach Wars

This Pacific Rim Breach Wars Mod Apk is a match 3 puzzle arcade action game so it has combined gameplay of all the genres mentioned above. Here the fights take place between different robots like League Of Stickman 2. On being your robot while the opponent is from the dark world.

The fighters are above the puzzle board and on the puzzle board, there are different items. Now you have to match 3 items of the same color and shape in a row to fire an attack from your robot. Once you do this your robot will attack your opponent. But try to do this as quickly as possible as the enemy there is not standing still and he is also attacking you.


Pacific Rim Breach Wars Mod Apk
Pacific Rim Breach Wars Mod Apk

The amazing features of the Pacific Rim Breach Wars are given in the below section.

Different Robots

The game is all about robots. Here you will find some of the best fighting machines of all time. Initially, you are limited in options but once you start to earn money and points you can unlock and acquire some lethal and serious fighting robots.

Weapons And Upgrades

No weapon and robot in this game are perfect. It needs to be upgraded with time. If not upgraded, it becomes difficult to defeat strong enemies. So you can upgrade your robot’s power and other abilities along with upgrading the weapon that it is equipped with.

Challenging Puzzles

Pacific Rim Breach Wars
Pacific Rim Breach Wars

Although the puzzles are all match-three style they are very challenging. You have to perfectly match all of the 3 pieces with each other in a row to be able to fire and attack. And you have to do this in time quickly to do more damage and not let your opponent recover.

Multiplayer Battles

Multiplayer Battles
Multiplayer Battles

There is also an option in this game where you can invite one of your friends to the game and fight against him. There you will take your strongest robot and try to match the puzzles as quickly as you can so that your opponent does not recover from your attacks any time soon.


The graphics of Pacific Rim Breach Wars is much similar to Stickman Warriors. Thus the graphics are much more crispy and supports low-end devices. The graphics are not too good from our point of view.

Solve Puzzles

Energize your Jaeger by matching the colorful power cores. In this, you can easily take down your opponent Kaiju, and take your group to the level of victory. Note, don’t forget to defend yourself as well.

Take Part In Events

You can take part in events and missions to win them and get different kinds of rewards. These rewards may be in the form of platinum, gold, coins, etc. Thus you must take participate in events.

What’s New?

  • The Game is updated to the latest version 1.8.0. So the latest mod is available.
  • Fixed purchase issue
  • No more crash issues.
  • Create or join Factions
  • Drop your strongest Jaegers into battles
  • Fixed purchased issue.

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This Pacific Rim Breach Wars Mod Apk is a blend of many game genres so it is fit for anyone who likes even one of these genres. So if you are among these people, downloading it becomes a must-do thing for you. So don’t wait and download this game now and invite your friends also.

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