Download Planet Ant Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems) 2022

Download Planet Ant Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems) 2022


Planet Ant is a strategy game where you have to grow more ants with existing ants and you have to build an empire containing ants.
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7 Febraury 2022
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If you love insects and especially ants, this Planet Ant Mod Apk is going to be the best choice for you. The game is a strategy and simulation game where you will be playing with ants and your duty will be to make a great ant kingdom by applying all your thinking and game knowledge.

The Planet Ant has been launched by the Seven City studios and is a simulation game. In this game, you have to play with ants. And by playing with ants I mean to say that you have to do all the things that ants do in their real life.

You can make small civilizations and small towns with livable buildings for ants. You can make different ant groups and assign them different tasks. For any kingdom, the army is the main thing that makes it stand out and tall against all the enemies so for that reason you can also make a very strong army and a base for them to train.

Different ants can do different tasks depending upon which task is assigned to them. And in the ant world, there are over 12000 different species of ants that are produced by the ant queen. So you can hatch and produce all different sorts of ants with different abilities with the help of your ant queen in the Planet Ant Mod Apk.


Playing the Planet Ant Mod Apk is just like playing any other strategy kingdom-building simulation game but the difference is that this game has ants as its main characters. Like Pocket Ants.

In this game, you have to work with your ant queen in making a great and stable ant empire. Queen will be responsible for producing different ants and you will take care of all the managerial staff. Scavenging food for surviving is what ants do the best. So you must make them do that along with making a very strong army and military basis to tackle all the external threats.


Planet Ant Mod Apk
Planet Ant Mod Apk

I am going to list the main and key features of the Planet Ant Mod Apk down below.

Gather Resources

Although ants are very small creatures they are known for carrying things 10 times heavier than their body weights. So you can make different groups and send them outside to search for different valuable things that can help other ants survive and perform certain tasks.

Work With Ants

This game is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to know ants from close. As in this game, all you will be doing is managing and working with ants, so you will know how they work and coordinate and survive. All the insights will be shown to you and you will get a lot of knowledge about the ants.

Produce Different Ants

There are thousands of species of ants. In this game, the production of ants will depend upon the health and condition of your queen. If you want a strong army and a very powerful empire you need a good population of different ants. And for that reason, you have to take good care of your queen.

Build An Ant Army

When all things are done, you need to defend your ant empire from all the external predators and other threats. So for that reason, you should have a very strong army that is well trained and well equipped with the latest weapons. The army can also be used to raid other lands and take control of them.


If you were fed up with playing the old-style simulation kingdom building games and wanted something different in the same genre, then downloading the Planet Ant Mod Apk will solve your problem. This is a different game with the same concept of kingdom-building games.

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