Pocket Academy Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Points)

Pocket Academy Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Points)


Pocket Academy is a school simulation game where you can build up your dream house from scratch. You have an opportunity to make your school beautiful.
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26 August 2022
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A school simulator and a building management game in terms of running a successful educational institute are here in the form of the Pocket Academy Mod Apk. This game will take you back to your school days but this time you’ll be the principal of the school, not the student.

The Pocket Academy Mod Apk is a school simulator where you’ll have to build your school and decide the curriculum and hire teachers so that they can teach your students. You’ll start with only a few classrooms and some students.

These students will be created by you and you’ll decide their traits and attributes as how they look, how much popularity among other students will they carry, or how mu sharp and intelligent they are, you will set these basic values.

Later in the game, you’ll be working on these stats by teaching these students and helping them to take part in various activities. Your task in the game will be to attract as much rich and new students as you can and this is only possible by increasing the reputation of your school.

You’ll have to later unlock different other places to build new classrooms and facilities for the students. But keep in mind only education is not the only thing, extracurricular activities such as sports, events, concerts, and other functions are also necessary for a school to make a healthy balanced requirement.

So in the Pocket Academy Mod Apk, always keep the track of the students and see how their attributes go and listen to their needs and problems, and make your academy the top educational institution in the whole area.


Pocket Academy Mod Apk
Pocket Academy Mod Apk

The Pocket Academy Mod Apk is a realistic simulator with pixel art-styled graphics and top-down viewing angles. It’s an addictive game that’ll make you stick to it for hours. So keep this thing in mind.

Other than that the game is cute and hard as well. Like you’ll have to put some effort in teaching hour students the manners and ways to behave. You’ll also be handling the teachers and tracking their performance along with finding ways to expand your school and upgrading the facilities.


Pocket Academy
Pocket Academy

The following are some of the features of the Pocket Academy Mod Apk that you need to look at.

Make New Students

When you will start the game you’ll have to manually make some students for your academy. Here you’ll have to first decide the appearance and looks and traits of the students. After that, you’ll be asked to quickly add the attributes and their values for each student. These traits are the ones on which you’ll be working and later you have to make them better through many tasks.

Track The Attributes

Each student in this game has some attributes related to him. These are the popularity indicating how much friendly he is and how many friends he can make. Other attributes include the intelligence level that can make him a good or bad student. You can also track the focus and behavioral attributes that decide how focused the student is in the classroom.

Track Teachers Performance

Another great thing about this game is that it also lets you track the performance of your teachers. You can have different teachers teaching at your academy and you can track the performance of everyone. This will make you aware of which teacher is doing well with the students and who needs some changing or managing.

Attract More Students

Depending upon your performance and how well your students score in the examinations, your school will get some popularity. If you are performing well, then you will attract more students, more rich ones. So try to improve your performance if you want to earn more money in the game.

Unlock New Places And Build

Building and management will go side by side in this game. When you will play the game more often, you’ll be able to unlock more places and these more places mean more buildings to build and expansion of your school. So always try to hit for this thing and you’ll be able to expand the operations of your school and can make it a state-of-the-art educational institute with all the facilities for the students.


Anyone who wants to see how a school works and how the owners and principals manage it should have a look at this Pocket Academy Mod Apk game. Here not only you’ll decide what courses to teach but you’ll be responsible for every activity that goes on in your school. So hit the download button and start managing your school. Try more games like Growtopia and Bit Heroes, etc.

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