Download Pocket Ants Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything) 2022

Download Pocket Ants Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything) 2022


Pocket Ants is a strategy game that is based on real-life ants. This means what they do in real life is simulated here in the form of the game. Available for all android users.
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26 January 2022
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Pocket ants mod apk is a new unique genuine strategy game. The game is of a colonial simulation strategy genre where you have to manage the citizens of your anthill and perform daily routine tasks. The game will let you dive into the world of ants and you’ll see how ants work daily. Note here you will get unlimited everything including honeydew and money

Unlike many other strategy games, where you have to gather, train and lead the army, pocket ants are somewhat different from all of that philosophy. In pocket ants, you act as a manager of the queen and manage all the activities on the behalf of the queen and the queen produces new ants.

Your task in the Pocket and mod apk is to manage the ants of the anthill and give daily tasks to the ants. You can order the ants to go and search for food or seeds from outside.

The game will allow you to observe the behavior of the ants so you can know them well. Apart from that you can play freely in this simulated environment of the ants take care of their colonies and make sure they are well protected and well managed.

As you manage matters of the colony on the behalf of the queen you will also have the duty to make sure that the queen is well protected and well-fed so that she can produce more ants to increase your arm power as well as labor power.


Pocket Ants Mod Apk
Pocket Ants Mod Apk

In Pocket ants mod apk you will start as the first-ever ant of the colony and your duty will be to serve the queen and try to build expand and her colony on her behalf. This will be carried out by doing some important tasks in the game. The tasks that you’ll be doing will include collecting the resources for the ants and feeding your queen so that she can lay the eggs and produce more ants, more ants mean more workers which means more resources. More resources can be used to expand the colony and increase its defense power to protect it from unwanted attacks.

Apart from improving the defenses of your colony, you can also attack other colonies take their control, and expand your colony. You can also order and give tasks to the ants of your colony. These tasks may vary from collecting food to fighting the enemies as soldiers etc.


Pocket Ants
Pocket Ants

Although the world of ants is small the features of Pocket ant mod apk are endless and joyful.

Collect Multiple Resources

In pocket ants, you can collect a variety of resources. You can collect food to feed your ants and queen. You can collect some other resources that will be used to upgrade your colony. All these resources will be stored in the storage unit, So if you want more resources, you will have to expand the storage capacity of your colony.

Take Care of the Queen

Queen has an important role to play in this game. You need to feed your queen so that she can lay more eggs and produce more ants. Apart from that, in battles, you can attack the queen of your enemy first to win over the entire colony.

Play the Quests

The game also has quests. The difficulty of the quests starts increasing as you play along. On successful completion of each quest, you get some monetary rewards that can be used to expand your colony. So Don’t miss the chance to take part in the quests.

Battle with Other colonies

To expand your colony you can fight with other colonies on the battlefields and take the control of them after defeating them. The easiest way to defeat a colony is to attack its queen first. If you capture the queen, the soldiers will surrender.


This unique and exciting world of ants in Pocket ants mod apk will allow you to be a leader of the ants and discover what it is like to live in the world of ants. Gather your ants, give them tasks feed them, increase your defenses and raid other colonies in this epic ant world simulation game.

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