Pocket Tanks MOD APK (All Weapons Unlocked) Latest 2022

Pocket Tanks MOD APK (All Weapons Unlocked) Latest 2022


Pocket Tanks is a fast paced game. Enjoy the tank battles in the mountains. Choose from over 300 weapons and burn your enemy to the ground. Play with bots or with your friends, it's your choice.
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4.3/5 Votes: 784,621
BlitWise Productions
4 May 2022
Android 4.1 and up
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Pocket Tanks is a top-rated strategy game. Developed by BlitWise Productions, LLC, Pocket Tanks is a game where you fight the tank wars and defeat your enemy tanks. As it is a strategy game, you have to do strategic planning in order to defeat your enemy.

With full action, the gameplay experience is very fantastic. There are a lot of features in this game, like many tanks and a lot of weapons to choose from. Play with your action-ready tank and choose your best weapons.

Immerse yourself into a world of tank battles and show your enemy who is the boss. It is a fast-paced game action-packed game. To be better in this game, you need to practice a lot. As you become better, you then start to enjoy Pocket Tanks to the fullest.

To get unlocked features to download Pocket Tanks MOD APK and enjoy the gameplay even more.



  • Choose from multiple powerful weapons.
  • Choose from various tank models.
  • Free to play. Play this game without spending even a single penny.
  • Simple gameplay and easier to learn.
  • Great graphics and environment.
  • No need for a fast android device. It can run on low-end devices.
  • Enjoy outstanding features.


Pocket Tanks
Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is one of the best tank games I have played. There is so much variety in different things in this game. You won’t find just one default color of the tank which is green. You can choose from many different colors like purple, orange, blue, yellow, and red. 

When it comes to the weapons, you will have access to more than 300 weapons in this game. The weapons have cool names, Chaos Grenade, Tar Ball, Acid Rain, Lightning Strike, and Porcupine, just to name a few. Each weapon is unique and deals a different level of damage to the opponent.

Whatever it takes, just defeat the enemy. You have a lot of weapons at your disposal, and you can choose from your best weapons. You can also play Pocket Tanks with friends and show off your skills. When you first start this game, you have the option to either play 1 Player Mode, 2 Players Mode, Lan Game, and Target Practice.

One of the main things in this game is “aim”. It is better to play Target Practice if you are a new player to make your aim better. No matter how powerful your weapon is, the enemy will destroy you if your aim is not good. To learn to aim, you simply have to put some hours into the gameplay and learn how to aim.

You can take down any enemy with ease once your aim becomes good. At the weapon shop, you have the option to choose from a lot of different weapons. The controls are very simple in this game. You can move, set the angle of your aim, set power level, and fire.

You can change your weapons while in the gameplay. It is advised to devise a strategy for your gameplay. Some weapons like Big Shot cause a large explosion, but they deal low damage. 3 Shot Weapon spreads 3 bullets but you get low points per explosion.

It has a medium-sized explosion. 5 Shot Weapon is better than 3 Shot because it spreads 5 shots. The homing weapons are very powerful and handy in this game. Heatseeker is a homing weapon that chases the opponent’s tank and it does not rest until it hits its target.


A cruiser is a weapon that rolls towards its target. It can even roll uphill. Defense is also a very important part of a battle. The weapon Magic Wall will make a wall where its bullet hits. It can protect you from enemy attacks.

Enjoy the fun tank battles in the mountains and burn your enemy to the ground.

Pocket Tanks MOD APK:

To enjoy this game to the fullest, download Pocket Tanks MOD APK. It gives you many cool features like Unlimited Jump Jets, Unlocked Digger, and Unlocked Weapons Packs. Unlimited Jump Jets gives you the ability to move anywhere on the battlefield.

This can trick your opponent and makes it easier for you to beat. Pocket Tanks MOD APK also makes the game easier for you by providing Unlimited Digger, which allows you to dig into the ground. This is also very helpful in combat. Unlocked Weapons Packs gives you access to hundreds of different weapons.

You have an ocean of weapons, and you can test and choose any weapon you want by playing Pocket Tanks MOD APK. This MOD is one of a kind, just like Dawn of Titans MOD APK.


How do you get good at Pocket Tanks?

You just need some practice, and you will be good to go.

Which country made Pocket Tanks?

The US-made this amazing game.

Does Pocket Tanks MOD APK contain any virus?

No, there is no virus in Pocket Tanks MOD APK. This file is safe.


Final Verdict:

If you are a fan of tank games, this game must be present in your gaming collection. The gameplay is so addictive and fun. Once you play this game, you want to keep coming back to it because of its features and gameplay.

Setting the angle of the aim, adjusting the power level, and firing, these things combined, give a very enjoyable experience to the player. This game makes the player fall in love with it. But of course, with Pocket Tanks MOD APK, you will enjoy this game 2x more.

Get the Pocket Tanks MOD APK all weapons unlocked feature right now by downloading the MOD.

What's new

• 5 new weapons - the Puzzle Pack!



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