Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Apk For Android 2022


Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is more likely an adventure game but its look like more horror game. This game is only available for all android users only.
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17 May 2022
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Are you the one freak that likes horror movies and stories? If yes then stick with me till the end as today’s game is all about you. The Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Apk is a horror game having a first-person view. Here you have to step into the dark horror world and do the tasks assigned to you.

Here in the Poppy Playtime Apk, you will go on the adventure on your own. You have to visit the abandoned factories full of horrors, dark creatures, and demons. There is a saying that whoever goes to these places never comes back.

But your task here in the game is that you need to explore the different rooms of the different factories and try to look for the toys. You need to find as many toys as you could to get the high scores.

The factories and their rooms are full of ghosts and evil creatures that appear suddenly and try to frighten you. Now there are 2 ways in which these creatures appear.

Firstly there is a class of a creature that is only there to make you afraid. It does not harm you nor does anything. To deal with them you could simply ignore them and move forward. But if some ghost tries to harm you, then you need to fight back and kill it with your skills and items in possession in the Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Apk.


Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Apk
Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Apk

The dark gameplay of the Poppy Playtime Apk awaits you. Step into the dark world of the game and open up different rooms and explore them to find the different toys, while fighting with the ghosts of the places.

You have a flashlight that you can use to find the items that you need. You can fight with your ghost enemies using this flashlight and other items as well. If you feel you are in danger, the Poppy Playtime game itself sends you help by sending some people to save you. So it is a very cool option that you get with this game.


Poppy Playtime Chapter Apk
Poppy Playtime Chapter Apk

The features of the Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Apk are given below.

Dark Shadows

Dark shadows in the game are harmless. They only have one duty and that is to scare you. They cannot harm and are very weak. So you can easily get rid of them by flashing your flashlight on them and they will burn to ashes in no time.

Weapons To Kill Demons

Shadows of the dark are very easy to kill and if you don’t kill them there is no problem as they do no harm. But there are dark demons who are there to kill you. So to deal with them you have to fight using your weapons. Make sure to kill them before they attack you or else the game will be over for you.

Game Help

The game itself is there to help you. You are not alone. If you feel that you are in trouble, you can anytime call the game and the game will analyze the sort of trouble you are in and will send help to save you. Now, this help can be of type. Mostly they send people to save you from trouble.

Quests And Missions

Here in this game, you have different quests and missions that you can do. All of them are related to each other. So to move to the next stage you must complete the previous one with good points. If you lack the available points you have to redo the mission and earn more points.


Horror lovers must try this game. The Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 Apk is an ultimate game full of mysteries and secrets to unveil. So don’t wait and download this game right now and step into the darkest places. Get more adventure games such as Postnight and Incredible Jack, etc.

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