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Postkinght is a role-playing game where you can complete different missions and fight with your enemies. The game is available for android users for free
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30 April 2022
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The Postknight Mod Apk is an indie game that is an RPG-style game. In this game, you take on a character who is a newbie post knight and the responsibility of delivering different items to different locations across the huge kingdom of Kurestal.

The kingdom of Kurestal had Post Knights who had the responsibility of carrying out different dangerous missions in the kingdom and delivering the different items to their required destinations.

Now you have to become a post knight build all the necessary skills in yourself. You can go on an adventure and explore the huge Kurestal kingdom and in that adventure, you can fight with different monsters, collect different resources, upgrade your weapons and skills.

On your journey, you can also meet different other characters and play in their stories. There will be different secrets that you can reveal in their story or yours. When you are delivering something in the game there will be monsters in your way that will stop you.

Tackle with them by killing them and looting their resources and using them in your favor. Make the best strategy and win different games and carry out a successful delivery process to gain some rewards in the Postknight Mod Apk.



The Postknight Mod Apk has very simple and direct-going gameplay. You can start the game right away when you open it. Pick up the item and deliver it to its destination. Along with your journey, you have to fight with the characters or enemies that are there to stop you, kill them and loot their resources and use them against bigger enemies.

You can also dress up your character in many different ways. Apart from that you can also use different weapons and upgrade them in different ways. The fights are in turn order meaning you will be attacking when it’s your turn. See the features of the game in the below section to know more about the game.


Postknight Mod Apk
Postknight Mod Apk

The Postknight Mod Apk has some amazing set of features. Some of them I will be discussing in the below section.

Acquire Different Weapons

In this game, you need to acquire different weapons in the form of arrows, bows, swords, and strong armor to fight against all the enemies that come in your way. You can upgrade these weapons to the fullest to win easily.

Easy Fighting Style

The fighting style in this game is turn-based. Here you have to fight on your turn. There are 3 actions that you can perform and those are, attack, defend and apply medication. So it is your strategy to know when you need to attack and when you need to defend and when it will be the best time to apply the medication.

Improve The Medication

To win easily you need to stay for a longer period and staying longer means you have to heal all the damage that is done to you very quickly. All of these things can only be achieved by upgrading your medication. The improved medication works faster and heals faster.

Accompany Other Characters

During your journey as a postman, you can also meet other characters that have different stories. You can accompany them on their adventures have a lot of fun. You can explore the huge kurestal kingdom together.


This Postknight Mod Apk is a simple and fast-track game that gives you quick fun without wasting a lot of your time. You can download this game and try it out. I am sure you will not feel bored while playing this game and it will be a great time and boredom killer for you. Enjoy more role-playing games such as Destiny Child and Grim Soul, etc.

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