RealmCraft MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Unlimited Shopping) 2022

RealmCraft MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Unlimited Shopping) 2022


Do you enjoy building things? Play this amazing minecraft-like sandbox game and explore different worlds. It is a simulator game. You can also enjoy this game with your friends. Create anything you want.
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9 October 2022
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RealmCraft is an epic sandbox construction game developed by Tellurion Mobile. Do you like building things? Are you a fan of exploring different worlds? This game gives you countless options to build your own unique world however you want.

It is an open-world game and gives a unique gameplay experience to the player. Do you play Minecraft? Minecraft is an immensely popular game in which you build things. RealmCraft is exactly similar to Minecraft.

Discover unique 3D worlds and build whatever you desire. If you want unlimited gold, resources, and shopping, download RealmCraft MOD APK for completely free and purchase anything you want.



This game gives you the ultimate crafting experience. You have blocks, and you can create anything with blocks. If you don’t like something, you can just mine it, and you will be able to use the resources again. Hit with your bare hands or different tools on woods, trees, stones, and different things in the world to get the material from them.

Create big houses, parks, villages, and anything you want. Mine things around you to get the material from them. Then use those materials to create specific things. Craft weapons from different materials to attack your enemies.

To mine things faster, use different weapons and tools and speed up your gameplay. If you have a better tool, you will be able to mine things faster. This will save you time. Mining speed also depends on the type of block. You can mine most of the blocks with your bare hands.

But special tools are required to mine certain blocks. Each thing you hit gives off a different sound. These sound effects are very realistic and make the gameplay more enjoyable. Kill animals to get experience stars and meat from them. To restore your health, eat the meat.

You will find a lot of different animals in this game. Some are dangerous and will attack you, while some are harmless. You can also tame animals in this game. Tame sheep, horses, chickens, cows, pigs, rabbits, and wolves. Moreover, these animals also have baby versions.

Baby versions are produced by breeding. To start the breeding process, two animals of the same species should be fed with the food item they like. Then they will enter the “love mode” and start breeding. After a few seconds, a baby will appear between the parents.


The baby will fully grow after a few minutes. Baby will grow faster if you give him a specific food item. If you kill the baby, it won’t give you any loot or experience stars. Different animals require different food items to be tamed. You need bones to tame wolves.

Ocelots can be tamed by using raw salmon or raw fish. You can also enjoy farming in this game. Grow a variety of different beautiful plants. Enjoy multiplayer gameplay with other players. Create beautiful things and show off to other players.


  • Be creative and create wonderful unique worlds.
  • Tame different animals.
  • Play with your friends and have fun.
  • Grow your own plants and enjoy farming.
  • Be amused by different beautiful places like deserts and forests.
  • Craft powerful weapons.
  • Defeat enemies and earn rewards.
  • Take full advantage of limitless possibilities.
  • Show off your creations to your friends.
  • Enjoy an awesome adventure.
  • Enjoy new scenes
  • Enjoy new characters

RealmCraft MOD APK (Unlimited Resources, Gold, and Shopping)

This game is so much fun, but some players find this exhausting to collect resources for building and crafting. If you are one of those players, RealmCraft MOD APK is for you. You will have unlimited resources, and you will be able to create different things.

This will make the game much easier for you. So, what are you waiting for? Download RealmCraft MOD APK right now and begin your adventure.


Can you tame a wolf in RealmCraft?

Yes, you can tame a wolf by using bones.

How do you make things in RealmCraft?

Under the crafting grid, tap the green button.

What is the closest game to Minecraft?

RealmCraft is the closest game to Minecraft.

How do you breed in RealmCraft?

To start the breeding process, two animals of the same species should be fed with the food item they like.

Is RealmCraft MOD APK safe to download?

Yes, RealmCraft MOD APK is completely safe to download.



If you are a fan of building things, you should definitely download this game. It is so addicting and provides a wonderful gaming experience to the player. By using the combinations of blocks, you can create anything you want.

This game is great to kill time, and you will definitely enjoy it. The gameplay is very easy and simple. It is very easy to learn this game. To enjoy this game, even more, download RealmCraft MOD APK and enjoy unlimited features.

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What's new

Sunrise and sunset. Now the change of day and night looks incredible.
New generated structure - Nether Castle, a huge building in the Nether full of enemies and treasures. Try to break through crowds of hostile mobs and find secret rooms with chests.
Now leather armor can be dyed using a cauldron
Improved the controls in flight mode. The possibility of accidental blocks destruction when turning is eliminated.
Numerous bug fixes and improvements



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