Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems And Money)

Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems And Money)

Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy game where thousands of civilizations are available to explore and you have to fight with different types of enemies.
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4 April 2022
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The Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk is a strategy game where you have to build and defend civilization. To start, you will get 12 options of different civilizations to select and continue with. After that, you can simply select your hero who is your character, and start playing.

After selecting your civilization and a hero, to begin with, you can start building on the land that has been assigned to you. The first thing that you need to build is a base after that you need to build army training areas.

To attract more people you have to build houses and different life routine buildings and guard them with different towers. Your citizens will start migrating to your land and will work there to give you profits, meanwhile, your army will be busy training and defending your people.

A strong army is a necessity in this game and you have to recruit some powerful commanders. With your army, you can raid other people’s lands and conquer them to expand your civilization.

There is also an option to help your alliances if you see them in fights. Fighting in groups is better than fighting alone so make alliances with your friends and fight alongside them in this epic Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk.


All of you who have played war strategy games such as Rise of empires and Dragon World, etc, before will not find this Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk game very difficult to play. It has the same concept as others but a great storyline with different interesting features.

Apart from just building and collecting taxes, you can explore the vast maps of this game and there you can find some interesting things and resources. You can take part in real-time PvP combat battles where you can fight with your army with other 100 different players. More of this game is discussed in the features section so check it out below.


Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk
Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk

The features of the Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk are given in the below text so have a look at it.

12 Different Civilizations

There are 12 different civilizations that you can select from. All of these have different histories and storylines. The civilization that you will select will have an impact on the location of the map that you will be playing with. So chose whichever civilization you like.

More Than 30 Heroes

You can select your character from the different 30 heroes. All of these heroes are rulers of history so you can research them and select the best one to play with.

Alliance Battles

You can make alliances with your friends and exchange different goods and trade with each other. Apart from them you can make a combined strategy and raid your enemies together. And if you see your ally in trouble you can send your troops to help them out in that situation.

PVP Battles

You can also jump into PVP battles with other players and show off your skills and strengths. These battles have some real powerful players from the world so make sure to prepare well before jumping into the battlefield.

World Map

Everything in this game is happening in real-time. All of the 12 different civilizations are scattered on the map. You can see what is going on in their areas. You can explore the entire world. You can also conquer their lands in real-time and take them under your control.


To be very honest I like this Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk very much due to its real-time gameplay and vast playing options with 12 different civilizations each having its own story and plot. So make sure to download this game and also ask your friends to try it out so that you can make the most use of the alliance system. Get more strategy games from apkgrey.com such as PostKnight and Clash of Clans, etc.

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