Sandship Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)


Sandship is a simulation game where you can manage your complete factory as well. you can craft the things whatever you want to craft.
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6 August 2022
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If you love crafting games and want to simulate a whole life after an apocalyptic incident, then this Sandship Mod Apk is the game for you, from the developers of the Deep Town. The game lies under the category of simulation which is simply a factory management and crafting game. Here you will get unlimited money and gems for free.

This Sandship Mod Apk is a game based in the world after an apocalypse. Your task is to control the last remaining sandship of the world. This sandship is an automated AI gigantic factory that can run and roam freely in the vast deserts of an unknown planet.

In this game, an incident occurs in the civilization of the Noranti that forced your sandship into hibernation. When you woke up, you found yourself on a faraway deserted planet with ruins everywhere. Now you have the task to craft things and rebuild the things of the past.

Rediscovering the items from the past and bringing back the historic life you once had, is your main goal in the game. For this purpose, you will have the freedom to craft anything inside your moving sandship factory.

The more your sandship is upgraded and has more factories inside it, the more items you can make and rediscover. You can sell these items that you craft in the Sandship Mod Apk in the market and build a healthy trading system to earn some profits.


Sandship Mod Apk
Sandship Mod Apk

The Sandship Mod Apk is simply a factory management and crafting game full of adventures around the endless deserts with ruin everywhere Like Sandballs. Throughout the game, you will find yourself unveiling the secrets of the past. Your goal of rediscovering the historic life will conclude with c=each mission you will complete.

There are different sandship recipes to craft different types of items in this game. You can choose whichever recipe you want in the relevant factory. You can upgrade your sandship to install and set up more factories inside your sandship. So don’t wait and dive into the world of crafting inside your sandship in this game.



The features of the Sandship Mod Apk are given in the below section. Let’s have a look at them now.

Customize Your Sandship

As now you are going to spend your whole game life inside this sandship of yours, so you need to make it pleasant so that you feel good throughout the whole game. So you can customize it in a variety of ways and set the things accordingly, from the colors to the arrangement of items.

Each Step Is A Discovery

Each step in this game is a step closer to your ultimate goal of discovering your past and re-inventing all the items that once humanity had and now are destroyed. So the missions will all aid you in doing this in this game.

Trade And Earn

For sustaining life on the sandship you need resources and money to buy them. The things that you craft can be traded in the market to earn some money, that you can spend on your sandship upgrades and craft more items.

Explore The World

Your cyborg assistant in Harvey in this game, so you can explore the entire world of his and connect to his past by completing all the tasks assigned to you. You can craft furniture, weapons, and different items with his help.


The Sandship Mod Apk is a game for all the post-apocalyptic world lovers. This game comes with unlimited items to craft. You can do whatever you want in this endless world of the game. Moreover, a whole deserted world is there for you to explore and a whole past to connect with, Harvey.

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